September 28th 2015

So Bryan is wonderful! It’s small, country, but a busy college town now that school is in session at A&M and Blinn. I wonder if this is what it feels like to live in Provo. Everyone eats breathes and sleeps Aggie’s. Saturdays the whole town shuts down because of the games. We don’t go out tracting then, else we may be shot for interrupting. (jokes) but people here are serious about their football.

The city is hard to describe. There are tons and tons of mobile homes. Everything is old and smells a bit moldy. There’s not a lot of ‘new’ things here. The people here are newly weds or nearly dead. Everyone has a bit of a drawl in their voice or they’re from out of town. I just love the people here. There is not as much diversity as the Woodlands, or even Houston, but there are lots here from around America. The people here are humble. Many are open to listening to our message. We really don’t have a lot of middle class or wealthy neighborhoods, at least that I’ve seen yet. I’m sure there are some big houses on the outskirts of town.

Trains run through here. Lots of people are out walking or biking. There’s a town clock. Downtown is fun and full of a lot of antique shops. The life of a missionary here isn’t that bad.

We work on Blinn. I’ll step foot on A&M when on exchanges or if we have an investigator who attends there. But we don’t actively find there. Blinn is a feeder school. Its tiny. Probably smaller than Davis high. We are trying to fix a few kinks but are excited for things to get up and running here. I’ve only been twice. There is a pretty good concentration of members though. Most of them are recent converts. The work is exploding for the YSA wards up here. We are hoping to pick up Bryan 1st family ward.

SO. Jackie. She is our wonderful investigator who will be baptized in about three weeks. She is hilarious, a country woman who has a mind of her own. She is the sweetest thing and reached her 70th birthday not too long ago. She just loves the gospel, was found through her neighbor, and is so excited to be baptized. She asked the bishop here to baptize her. I feel like Jackie and Grandma Howard would get along so well. I think of Jean when we’re with her.

We are working with a couple families as well who will probably not get baptized until late December because of the need to get married. If we time it right hopefully we can come back and be here for it!

We are going to be doing a lot of finding. I’m excited to be able to work on our door approaches. We are trying to be compelling and moving. We find that asking if we can ask a question is the best attention grabber so far. We’ll ask what they desire for their family or if they could ask God anything, what they’d ask him. We get some cool interactions and have found some success with those.

We work with a lot of less active families here. We have about 700 in our ward boundaries. But are just a little ward. We have a lot of reactivation to do. The ward seems to be a bit discouraged with those heavy numbers.

We visited one family in particular that has been a focus among the ward council, and our visit was incredible. So remember, I just got here. I don’t know anyone, let alone this guys situation or concerns. We ask him about his conversion. He tells us an incredible story and that he knows that the Book of Mormon is true. He said he couldn’t deny it. We then talked about obedience and acting upon the things that we know. The spirit weighed heavily upon me to tell him he needs to get back to church and begin living the gospel for his family. The conversation wasn’t quite right and I worried I missed my opportunity to tell him that. Then the conversation turned again and I felt the heavy prompting to tell him. I looked at him and said, “You know, I know I don’t know you well, but I feel and overwhelming urgency to tell you that you need to bring your family back to church.” I’m not sure what else I said, but it got quiet and he sat there thinking for a while. He committed to coming to watch general conference and begin to turn his life around. I sure hope he does. But I’m grateful for that experience that I had to let the spirit work through me. I hope that I never ignore or even turn away a spiritual prompting.

Sister Powell is teaching me a lot. She is very sensitive to the Spirit and to people. That is one thing I want to learn from her and apply.

These next few months are going to be incredible, I can just feel it! There is so much work to be done:)

I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Sister Jeppson


Sep 21st 2015

El fin de Sam Houston y Glen Loch:(
So the transfer has come to a close and I’m out. Sister Richards and
Weaver are going to do so well here. I’m going to miss everyone so
much! I’m headed far away but I hope to be able to return for Johns
baptism and for the Olartes endowment.
Time went by too fast. The memories have been so sweet and I’m trying
to do my hardest to not let the reality of change sink in. What would
happen if I didn’t show up to transfers??
But I’m excited at the same time. I get to go to the country! I hope
it’s busy, and I know it will be because we are covering a couple
campus’s up there (or at least thats the word on the street). We are
by A&M and work with a family ward. Tyse is going to have to give me
all the tips and advice of the working in the country. BBQs every
This week has been amazing.
I spent Tuesday through Thursday in Conroe. We had a great exchange
and learned a lot from one another. Friday we had district meeting and
then went and played ultimate frisbee on campus. 11 non members came!
Our numbers are climbing! We also taught John in the Blacks home. We
had a great lesson about the war in heaven and commandments. John is
gold. He knows everything.
Saturday we went to the ward party with him. Every reached out to him
and fellowshipped him well. Glen Loch is amazing!
We went down town to go contact some young single adults. The YSA ward
needs more people further south. We had some success. The sisters
loved it. They haven’t been down town yet.
We went to the temple sat morning with Kevin for his first time. It
was so nice to be in the temple:) he loved it and just soaked it all
up. It was just as powerful as his baptism. He only did temple names.
He will just love taking his family names. He has a few almost ready.
Sunday was great. Sacrament meeting was very inspiring and we had a
few people come unexpectedly. I just love surprises like that! I got
to say good bye to a lot of people. I got a lot of pics. We had the
temple tours last night. John came and the Zeyer family brought him.
It was so good! He asked so many inspired questions! President
Mortensen talked with him and John told him how excited he was to get
baptized on the 10th. President just built him up so well. I can’t
wait till I am as personable as president Mortensen. You just know you
are loved when he talks to you.
So I was sitting in Zoe’s Kitchen having lunch wit Quynh and my comps
when I got an email from mom. We looked at it and yikes! it was my
itinerary. That was a scary thought. Everyone is giving me a hard time
that my time is short. I think I’m just never coming home.. But yet
I’m excited, I miss yall!
You should just all move out here:)
I love you and hope you have a good week!
Sister Jeppson

John with the red tie. Zeyer family.

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September 14th 2015

This week went by crazy fast.

Yet pretty slow at the same time… is that possible? I have had some ear trouble this week. I started with just a sore ear and a couple days in they were swollen and painful! What happened, I don’t know.. But it feels/sounds like I’ve got ear plugs in all the time. Strange, I know. I still am having trouble hearing and its been a week. The doc gave me some medication that should help.
Missions aren’t the kindest when it comes to the healing process. I think things take 10x longer to heal since we are go go go and have no time to rest. But I’m surviving!
I got a blessing from the elders in the area and I know that the priesthood power is real. It’s amazing how those blessings are so tailored to the individual. It’s amazing how the elder, without any previous knowledge of what I’m going through (besides the ear problems), blessed me with things that I needed to hear. I just love being able to be served by those who are worthy to hold the priesthood. We had a cool talk on the preisthood power in sacrament meeting as well.
So yesterday in the YSA ward we had an amazing sacrament meeting. Bishop Huntsmann is wanting the ward to be more focused on Christ and in building out testimonies on Him and so he tells us to not prepare talks, but little sermons. He’s funny, it’s the bible belt influence, I think. So we had 2 amazing 8 min sermons from a member and recent convert yesterday, and it was followed up beautifully by a returned mission president. All centered on the Savior. It was so powerful. Their testimonies, sorry, sermons were so great. I wish all of our investigators could’ve been there.
John is progressing so well. The ward is just eating him up.
We are really impressed with how receptive he is. He knows more than the average member does, I believe. He has studied the doctrines of our faith for a long time. It’s cool to be able to help him have the spiritual witness that it is true, rather than just relying on all the facts and knowledge he’s gained. I just love our meetings with him. We do our best to Master Teach him but he knows so much that we get through the lessons so quickly. Kevin and him ride to church together, and Kevin is a deep thinker. They love to talk about all these things they are learning together at church. Those two are a funny combo. Kevin just has an old soul.
We are going to be going to the temple with Kevin to do baptisms for the dead on Saturday. It didn’t work out the previous weeks because the temple was closed for renovations. We are so excited. He has been doing lots of family history. It’ll be special to be able to go with him.
We have been getting a lot of referrals lately from head quarters and spent a majority of the week sifting through those. We’ve met some interesting people that way.
We got to go to Brenham this last Wednesday to go and help set up the institute on their campus there. It was an 1 1/2 hour drive and felt so weird spending the whole day on a road trip. But I just LOVE long drives. During our trip we discovered a hill. It was so thrilling to imagine mountains again! Texas is sooooooo flat.
So transfers are in a week. I’m almost positive that I’m going to be leaving this area. It’s been one of the best. I’ve felt the most confident and on top of everything here. I’ve had great companions and felt like I’ve been able to work my hardest. I hope to end well in whatever area I go to next. Hopefully A&M???:) yes please!
My comps say that I’ll go country, honestly I think I’d go crazy. But only as a missionary, if it were just me as Jazmyn, I would love to be in the country!
I won’t really be able to say goodbye to anyone here either. I’m going to be on a three day exchange helping some other sisters start up their area in conroe.. so yeah.
It’s going to be an adventurous week!
Hope you guys have a great week as well!
Love you!:)
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September 7th 2015

Howdy y’all!

So it’s Labor Day. So we have to use the iPads. I apologize in advance
for all the grammatical errors.
It’s been a great week. I can’t really remember what happened, so here it goes..
We began club rush week on campus and had to get a bunch of things
pulled together last minute. It all worked out, just as everything
does with the Lord. We had a blast. Min it to win it games and Mormon
messages playing. We got 7 sheets of 25 names full of non members.
Institute is going to be hoppin.
We had a few exchanges. I was on bike in the pouring rain. Yay. It was
quite the adventure. I was soaked to the bone. Then the storm left and
the sun came out and it got really hot. I was still wet but because of
It’s been a good week. We have taught a lot of people but are
struggling to get some people progressing. We have tried all we can.
Oh, we had MLC and ZM this week, I taught on patience. Please hold
your laughs in. I think I needed to teach it. I learned a lot.
Miracle of the week!! John was a referral. He just fell into our lap.
We went to visit him the day after we got his information. He is GOLD.
He has been reading the BoM for the past six months. He has been
chatting on with missionaries and has been fascinated by
Mormonism almost his whole life. He came to church and we tried to
plan his experience well. We prepped the ward council to bear good
testimonies, asked the WML if he would teach about the spirit world
and then made sure people sat by him at church. He said he had an
amazing experience and then after church he asked who he had to talk
to in order to be baptized! ūüôā we are excited to be working with him!
Sorry it’s pretty short. The other missionaries are here and we’re
going to play volleyball.
Love y’all! Happy days!
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August 31st 2015

My spirit has just been so full this past week. I just love being able to go to all these meetings where I just learn so much! I’m going to miss having President Mortensen there all the time to clarify doctrine and teach it so powerfully. Haha I guess that’s why we have a prophet! I’m so excited to be able to hear from him! The words of the prophets are so special and important to follow.

I’ve been surrounded by great leaders and teachers. Bishop Huntsmann gave us a great lesson the third hour yesterday about the 5 essential doctrines of our gospel. We talked a lot about the nature of God. He’s intelligent so he broke into the council of Nicaea and lots of the history. I studied Moses 7 this morning and just love Enoch’s experience and all we can learn from that.
I’m recognizing that so much of the gospel is rooted in revelation. And what we do with that revelation, so agency. And who that agency in centered in, Christ. And how we use that agency, through Christ. And the purpose of our Savior, to get us home to God, to be like Him. How simple is this gospel. How grand is the plan and perfect the steps/phases of life. How trusted we are to live here on earth and choose. There is so much potential in all of us. Potential to be as God is.
I could ramble for forever.
I know that God has created a wonderful plan for each of us to have purpose, find meaning, and reach home. I’m grateful for it. And am trying my best to live it and choose God.
Some of the most spiritual experiences I’ve had these past couple weeks have been in the clarity that has come from the spirit of the importance of the first three lessons outlined in PMG.
I’ve just been hit hard, especially when we roleplay, Joseph Smith’s first vision in his own words. We are learning how to teach after the manner of the Master, compelling, and personal and powerful. It has worked. The Spirit is so strong when we state those words from Joseph Smith. The investigator, so moved because of the spirit he/she feels. The spirit is so sweet.
Many recent converts I have spoken to lately tell of how the were ‘sold’ after hearing the Plan of Salvation. If presented right people will realize these are truths that are missing. They fill a void within each and every soul. I feel a bit jipped knowing I’ve had those my whole life, and I’m finally recognizing their importance and power. Perhaps, though, that’s why we call conversion continual.
It’s been a great week, we’ve taught a lot, had great exchanges with other sisters, been on campus advertising LDSSA, and just enjoying the hectic missionary life.
I’ve honestly been a bit tight at the seems because of the many many many things there are to do. But I’m learning how to translate stress into action. It’s actually worked quite well but I’m learning I have to be positive while in that translation process, else negativity will destroy everything. It’s a battle I’ve tried fighting for a long time and I’m grateful for this chance through the unique boundaries and prescription of a mission to master it and acquire the character of my Savior. I’m learning so much. I can already see why many people say their mission was for them. I’ve grown so much. And I still don’t know how it works but I know that it does work; when we lose ourselves in the work and only focus outward, the trials, weaknesses, frailties of the inward seem to become strong and mold us into a more Christ like character. It’s real. It works.
We have MLC this week and then as follows, Zone Meeting. We hope to inspire the zone to lift and encourage them to reach a higher standard. The norm has gone a bit low lately throughout the mission, probably because of so many new missionaries coming and just not knowing standards and things, but we are excited to find how to lift them to reach the Lord’s standard.
I’m so grateful to be serving a mission. I love it with all my heart. I wouldn’t do anything differently. I’ve seen so much and learned so much.
I hope you guys see this within yourselves too as you share the gospel with those around you or prepare for your own full time mission.
I love y’all!
Sister Jeppson
We met famous Bishnu from Napal. #MeettheMormons

August 19th 2015

Hello mi familia and amigos!
It has been a crazy week. I don’t even remember what happened yesterday.¬†It seems like it has been an eternity since Thursday evening and that’s¬†when we picked sister Weaver up from the trainer/trainee orientation.¬†My responsibilities seemed to quadruple after transfers Tuesday. I’m¬†supposed to be a traveling missionary for two zones to help in the¬†training of some missionaries and lifting, inspiring, and ministering¬†to others while on exchanges. We had two full 24 hr exchanges this¬†week with two sets of sisters. They were great and I got to stay in¬†our area with sister Watson for one day and later in the week with sister¬†Christensen. We had good teaching experiences for them and we learned¬†a lot from one another as we combined teaching and scripture ideas and¬†implemented a lot of the new training we have received about master¬†teaching. Sister Christensen is new, just as old as sister Richards¬†and so it was fun to see how she has been developing into a great¬†teacher and missionary.¬†We got to go down town this week and contact on main street. I tested¬†sister C and she had great contacts and was firm in her testimony of
Joseph smith.
I have really been practicing patience and yielding to these sisters we are working with. Trying to give them opportunities to teach and fumble through words in order to recognize the spirit working through them and follow its promptings.
It’s taken a lot of patience being in a trio. I’m trying to remove¬†myself and my bossy input haha. I’ve been the backbone in our¬†relationship and now that I’m removing my guidance, or at least the¬†frequency of it, there has been some challenges and frustrations in¬†the typical routine of things. I want sister Richards to get the most¬†out of this experience to train, plus I will be gone most the week¬†working with other sisters in the zones, so I feel that they will have¬†the advantage to train together.
So it’s been hard for me, because of¬†my desire to help and guide and lead, to step back and allow them to¬†figure things out themselves while still helping to a certain degree.¬†They’re beginning to realize all the little things that come with¬†being a missionary. And I wish I helped them better to recognize how¬†to handle and do the little things without just doing it for them.
Sister Weaver is wonderful though. She is from Maryland, Olney or something like that. Everyone gets excited when she says she’s not from Utah. For some reason everyone hates it if you are from Utah. People were pleasantly surprised that sisters could be in trios yesterday at church. Lots of people signed up to feed us. It had the opposite effect I thought. I thought people wouldn’t want to feed three mouths.
We’ve had a lot of cool miracles this week with new investigators and great lessons. But most of the week seems to be a bit of a jumbled mess. I don’t quite remember everything that happened. Just lots of exchanges, meetings for transfers and training, firesides for stake YSA stuff. Campus work. Meetings with both wards. More tracting. More teaching. A lot of drama with the ward because of the bishop moving out and rumors on whos going to be the next bishop. Just lots of stuff. I’m hoping this next week will be clear and purposeful and we will be able to get through it with our heads above water. Today started off well. We sacrificed an hour of our pday to go and teach a LA member a lesson. They are a part member family and want us to keep working with them. We think it was quite worth the sacrifice. We have a great week ahead of us. Zone Conference. More exchanges, and then a “why I believe” fireside this coming sunday. Kevin, who just got baptized in our ward, is a back up speaker for that. They get to share their story to all the non members that attend to come see why we believe what we do. We as missionaries get to sing in the choir the efy medley and i’ll go where you want me to go. These things are always so powerful. It’s like the 6th one I’ve been to on my mission.
Man, sorry this email seems to be all over the place. It has been quite the week but I just love being busy and working hard in this area. I have a feeling this is going to be my last transfer here so I’m hoping to work had and make things happen.
Hope all is well back in Utah! I hear its getting hot. I’ll send a rainstorm or two your way:)
Love you so much! Thanks for all you do!
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August 10th 2015

This week has been amazing!!!!
Andrea!! We totally taught her up until the park city missionaries¬†stole her for baptism. (I know numbers don’t matter but she does count¬†in our mission. #texasisthebest) That is so cool that she is connected¬†with the Aposhains! She is one fantastic lady and I know she just made¬†a huge step that is going to greatly bless her family.¬†I’m excited for her to be moving to Utah soon.
This week has been the best week of my mission. And probably the busiest.¬†2 last minute (but totally prepared for) baptisms, MLC, Zone meeting,¬†an exchange, role plays and new training, teaching gospel principles¬†in church, and news about transfers this next week.¬†Words cannot express how much joy I have been feeling. How much¬†anxiety and stress I’m experiencing. How quickly I feel like I’ve been¬†brought to my knees but yet how strengthened and supported I have been¬†this week. I know that if one has pure faith, pure trust, all things¬†will work out for their good. I tried this week, to really trust. I¬†felt completely unqualified and, sadly because of the business and the¬†lack of time, a little unprepared for all the meetings and things that¬†were expected of me. But everything worked out perfectly. I really¬†wish I had the time and words to express all that I want to.
So I have to tell you about Kevin’s baptism. It was the most spiritual¬†experience I think I’ve been in. We stressed to make this perfect for¬†him. We got him flowers (mostly for his mother who was coming to¬†support him) a journal and a vial to keep a little of his baptismal¬†water with him to remember forever. We had wonderful members for the¬†program who really set the tone and the spirit for the baptism. BUT¬†the best part was when he walked into the font for the ordinance.¬†Brother Zeyer followed in order to baptize him. Everyone was silently¬†holding their breath. I was honestly hoping he wouldn’t have to get¬†dunked twice. Bro Z immersed him into the water and time seemed to¬†slow down. I cannot express feelings of the spirit that was there.¬†Kevin came up out of the water and time stood still. He seemed to soak¬†it all in. He took a moment to FEEL. He began sobbing and him and¬†brother zeyer hugged. One of those “I love you bro” hugs. His mother¬†and brother, both non members, were bawling. He had several nonmember¬†friends there as well.¬†Everyone just swallowed him up with love. We set up a pancake¬†breakfast for him, put on by wonderful sisters on the ward. It’s kinda¬†an inside joke since he brought us pancakes a couple times to our¬†lessons. Man. Things were just perfect. His confirmation was amazing¬†too. He is just very in tune with the spirit.
We got asked last minute to teach in gospel principles this sunday on the word of wisdom. I’m grateful for times like these, but I feel they would go a lot better if I was able to prepare, haha. I felt a little like I was throwing things together and things weren’t able to connect as well because I wasn’t sure in my head where I wanted things to go. It was good though because Ed and Cody, both who struggle with this commandment, were there at church, so we got to have the ward help us address their concerns about the word of wisdom.
I like teaching. You learn so much when you teach.
We had a great turn out at church for Kevins confimation. His mother came and many poeple from the ward reached out to him and helped him. We had several people we are working with come as well. A few wonderful members who haven’t been for a while, and then Cecil and Sumera who wanted to come and check out the church. They are from the middle east and have been intrigued by what we do as missionaries and want us to come teach them. Of course we couldn’t turn them down!
Another miracle of the week.
We were tracting in 101 degree weather, dying and becoming all to familiar with what it felt like to have everyone slam their doors on us. When we noticed a family outside working on their lawn. I totally envisioned our family. The dad was over seeing the work the kids were doing and lovingly yet boldly telling them what to do and what not to do. It reminded me of the many days working in the yard with dad overseeing our work on the lawn or garden or whatever. We approached them and the dad came up to us. They asked us if we could teach them. WHAT.? That doesn’t happen. We were shocked and asked them if they have met missionaries before. They explained they had just returned from the Philippines where there were for seven years helping rebuild and clean up. They said they worked side by side with missionaries there. They admired what we do and now that they were back in the states, they need a church to go to. They want to be apart of our church. WOW. I had to pick up my jaw from off the floor. To be continued. We hope to be seeing them this next week.
Also good news. (I tend to always get a sneak peak with transfers.) I haven’t worried about it since I’ve been doing training with Sister Richards, but at the fireside last night, President came up and asked how we would feel being in a trio. WE ARE GOING TO BE TRAINING IN A TRIO. TRIO TRAINING. I’m having a daughter and becoming a grandmother at the same time….
Sister Richards is only half way done with her training but she is so amazing that we are halting her training in order to train another new missionary!!! We pick up the new missionary this thursday. WHAT. I have a feeling Sister Richards will do most of her training, to give her the experience. President said I’m going to become a floating sister for leadership responsibilities for the sisters around us that we work with. WOW. Is this happening? Holy cow, things are going to become so busy.
So stay tuned for details about transfers. I’ll send pics of the three amigas next week!
I love y’all! Stay cool. Because we are melting down here. You should send some snow or something.
Love you!
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August 3rd 2015

I wish you all could have been here this week!

So much good. So many miracles.
I want to start with yesterday. By far one of the best days of the mission.
So we get to church. Kevin came for the first ward at 9. He has been praying about a baptismal date and we have finished all but one of the lessons with him. We had a good fast and testimony meeting and after, he asked if he could get a priesthood blessing. The bishop offered and so we went to his office after the first hour. We talked about the priesthood a little and then he received his blessing. The spirit was so strong. He thanked bishop and then we talked with him about how he was feeling about baptism. He said he knew he needed to do it soon. We asked if he would like to do it this Saturday, the 8th. He said yes. So we had 30 min before he had to leave for work, and we realized that in order for him to get baptized Saturday, that he would need to be interviewed now. We called the zone leaders who were in the middle of their church, and they sped over for the interview. He passed with flying colors. Then went to work. We are so excited for him and know that he is making the right decision.
Then, the YSA ward began. We had Andrea there (who is also getting baptized the 8th) and Cody, and then a new investigator for the first time named Ed.
I want you to know that that fast and testimony meeting was probably one of the longest and sweetest times I have felt the spirit. I don’t know why but the sacrament was so reverent and special. And everything that was said was so powerful. I tried to think of things in Ed’s perspective and it was so enlightening. The spirit was very strong. The atmosphere was just so perfect. Everyone was friendly and reached out to fellowship him. In gospel principles he was asked to stand up and introduce himself. He did and commented on the feelings he felt in sacrament meeting. How he felt welcome and something different, but good. I sure hope that those feelings stick with him. Feelings are so powerful- the Spirit is so powerful.
Andrea also introduced herself again since we had a lot of visitors and she told of how excited she was for her baptism. It just was a really good sunday. I felt full and spiritually fed.
This last week we’ve had some cool finding experiences. We have been trying to be more personable to people as we find and get ourselves into some deep and interesting conversations. We talked with a practicing Jew the other day and peaceably talked about both of our faiths and the why behind Jesus Christ being our Messiah. That was cool. I’m grateful for the things I have learned by reading Jesus the Christ, I feel like a lot of things I said came from some of the history I learned in that book. But I realized the most powerful part of our conversation was when testifying about the Book of Mormon.
We have had other interesting conversations about faith and many people here believe just in having a passive belief. Many of our words fall onto stony ground and its sad to see them with hardened hearts and closed ears. We don’t know what to do for them besides love them and hopefully show them through our example, and our testimony how it can help them.
We’ve been very busy. Always on the go. It’s been hard to try and balance all my responsibilities this transfer, since I’ve been asked to do lots of things. We are also going through a lot of leadership training and changes, and plus the training program with Sister Richards and trying to keep both wards going… I’m like a pot boiling over (not with anger just with all the things I have to do and think about haha) I feel like my brain has reached its maximum capacity to function. I wouldn’t be surprised if I just shut down like our poor ipads tend to do.
Speaking of which. The ipads have been a tremendous blessing but I think I hate technology. Haha I have received the one with all the problems, or so it seems. I asked Sister Richards the other day if it would be weird to pray over an ipad, or have faith in it. She laughed and said kind of but that those principles totally apply to everything.
She is training me.
Sister Richards is so great. I wish I started off the way she is at the beginning of my mission. She is going to go so far.
Fun fact. I went to a chiropractor. I think my back has aged to be 100 years old. This is what the stress of a mission will do to you. She’s from the ward here and fixed me up, kindly, for free. She gave me some stretches and things so I don’t break again.
We are going to be getting more involved on campus this next transfer.
Can’t believe 6 weeks have already gone by. It went by way too fast. Probably seems that way because I got my companion half way through… I should get extra weeks with her then! I hope she and I can stay together for the rest of my mission. But we’ll see what happens.
To another week!
I hope all is well! Have a great week!
Love you!
Sister Jeppson

7/27/15 True Joy

It seems like every single day, the sun is brighter, the people are nicer, and we’re happier! I think I’ve reached true joy. Everyday I just get so excited to go out and meet and teach people. I absolutely love what I’m doing! Each and every day gets better and better. I think I’m also getting sweatier and wetter! … Gross.

The temps are up to the 100’s like every day. I think someone said 107 yesterday but YSAers tend to over exaggerate.
Houston is HOT. But again, everyone says its a mild summer. I think they just try to make me feel better about it, haha.
This week was packed with miracles. I shocked all the missionaries in the zone when I told them that Sister Richards and I were going on exchanges and I was leaving Sister Richards in our area to do things on her own. She’d been a week or so out at that point. I knew she could handle it. She is a pro. We carefully set everything up for the exchange the day before. We had 5 member present lessons planned, finding, and follow up. She did AMAZING! Handled everything on her own, got us a couple new gators, and didn’t get lost in the Woodlands!
Is this what its like to brag about your kids? She is the best ever. Pre-trained.
I, on the other hand, got to go switch with sisters in a biking area. That day was the hottest day of the week, I swear! I took Sister Renturias place, she is a cute little petite girl… so I got her cute little petite bike. I crammed onto that thing. Boy was it small. By the end of the day it felt like we had biked 7 laps around the perimeter of Texas. I got a wonderful farmers/biker/missionary tan. I sweated like a horse. And probably scared everyone who answered their door for us. We looked a little less than presentable, I’m sure.
BUT we saw loads of miracles. We got offered lots of water, talked to everyone we saw. Got those sisters a few new gators. It was an amazing day! I’m still a bit sore…
Sister Richards and I were super excited to be put back together. I felt like I was missing my other half.
We saw a lot of miracles when contacting this week. We have a few new gators and one of them reminds me of dad. He is a big YSAer and plays football for Blin. He is such a softy though. He readily accepted our baptismal invite and proceeded to tell us how much he needs God in his life. We are excited to keep working with him.
Wow, time is getting cut short. We are working hard and loving the work!
Everyday goes by too fast. Everyday we’re the happier.
I just love being a missionary and hope everyone who qualifies will go! There is great joy in this work. The Lord really does bless you tremendously. I hope it never ends!
Oh, I spoke in church. Did a good job. I shared Jeppa’s story about him and Gunnell. Everyone loved it. YSAers are all about the romance.
Love you! Hope you have a great week!
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Sister Jeppson

July 20th 2015

FAMILY! ūüôā

So it is pretty hot here. It’s been slow in coming but its finally here. I’m drenched in sweat daily. I know that’s gross but it is true.
Knocking doors from 6 pm to 8 pm.. you’d think it’d at least cool down, but that seems to be the hottest and most humid time of the day. And that’s when suddenly all the mosquito’s from a 5 mile radius come and attack. I’m going to have scars for forever. Always itchy. Can one develop an allergy? Because I think I have with mosquito’s… haha
This week has been amazing!
Cody is doing well, things are slowing down with him and we are trying to help him overcome a few things. But he is always positive and is doing all he can, mostly with the help of a little push, to be the best he can and overcome some of his challenges.
Andrea is gold. She is progressing well.
Kevin came to church for his first time yesterday! Yay! He is progressing well for baptism and is always asking us for more. He has great questions and he comes up with great ideas like listening to the Book of Mormon in the car while he drives. He is a stud.
Ken is great. He will be able to attend our ward this coming sunday and we are excited for him to continue to meet more members! He also is getting very far along with his family history. We hope to set a baptismal date with him soon!
So awesome miracle of the week:
We have been practicing lots of new ways to find. New approaches, ways to catch people in their excuses right up front so we can get them to listen and think. So we’ve been practicing that and seeing a lot of success in the amount of people who pause to listen and hear what we have to say. Then we surprise them by just asking if we can ask one question. We ask the question, then they think. We get them to wonder about principles of the restoration, such as prophets, the Book of Mormon, or the need for a restoration. Many say they are already involved in a church, we affirm that is very good, they are who we are looking for, and then proceed to tell them that there is more.
We’ve run into a plethora of people from all different backgrounds and religions. All of which have stopped and wondered about what we ask. Many accept a return appointment and other let us in for just the 5 minutes we asked for. It’s been cool to see how receptive many people are. You just have to approach them the right way. Capture their attention, and leave them hanging, just a little, so they want more.
We did this with Mariana. She hardly spoke any English, but she invited us back after we were able to give a little spill about the Book of Mormon. She loved it. We went back and stood at her door waiting after our first knock. Nothing. We were a little worried she bailed for our appointment. Up to that point we hadn’t had any opportunities to teach the restoration, Sister Richards and I together. So I said a prayer in my heart that Mariana would be home just so that we could practice teaching the restoration, for Sister Richards to experience it. Sister Richards knocked one more time, a bit louder and longer, and we waited.
Mariana answered the door! We got in and got to practice our how to begin teaching and taught the restoration. Her lack of English was hard and challenged us to teach simply, which is good. The more your understand the doctrine, the simpler you can teach. Sister Richards did amazing, taking the lead in many big principles, and we invited Mariana to be baptized. She returns to Barcelona soon but we were blessed with an opportunity to teach, and she was blessed with the chance to go back home with salvation in her hand in the form of a little blue book.
We have been so busy. I am just loving being able to work with Sister Richards. She is so prepared, and just eager to learn everything. We have had a great week.
I just love texas, and the people here. I am learning so much and can’t believe how fast time is going by. A day seems to be over in seconds. I wish it would slow down.
But the opposite seems to happen with Sister Richards haha, they are good days, but she views them and long and a bit bumpy. There is such joy that comes through working with her and being able to train, and all of it focused in the Lords work. It causes me to remember many instances with Sister Heaps when I was being trained. Ah, missions are the best!
I love you all and hope things are going well!
Texas is the best!
Sister Jeppson
Sister Richards walking with a girl that was taking us to meet her mom across the parking lot.
Sunsets in texas are amazing! I wish the pictures could show you how beautiful and big the sky is!
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