November 30th 2015

WE THINK IT SNOWED YESTERDAY. There were white flurries and just terribly cold weather. Yes, the high 30s to Texans is like the -20s to Utahans. We are all currently dying. Its going to be a cold winter here. Or perhaps it’ll just pass through real quick and we can have an early spring:)

Besides the freezing cold weather, its been a good week. It’s been a plus when finding because people don’t want to talk to us at the door in the dark and cold, so they invite us in. Down here getting in the door is the first step to conversion.

It was an incredible week though with finding. We had a lot of success on thanksgiving because people were home with their families. We shared one of the Mormon messages about thanksgiving. The one where people were asked what they are thankful for on the streets of New York. Its a funny one and got a lot of people thinking. We got to talk a lot about their families and, every time, it segued well into the restoration.

One of the couples we met is a Methodist minister. So this will be interesting to see how it goes. I hope his intentions are pure.

We met another cute couple, who are catholic, and we had an amazing lesson with them yesterday. One of our members came with us and we were a little nervous about addressing the apostasy. I felt strongly that we needed to emphasize the Book of Mormon and the ability we have to pray to know that it is true. The member taught about the Book of Mormon and had such a powerful testimony. I could tell Bob felt the spirit. He accepted the invite to read and pray. We are excited to go back.

Mrs. Jackie got confirmed yesterday and it was such a great experience for her. Bishop confirmed her and welcomed her into the ward. She then had to leave right after to go pick up her grandson. But its been incredible to see the reach out of the ward to her and the warm welcome she’s received. I’m excited for her to get involved in visiting teaching. I know she’ll love it!

We are super excited for this weekend. Barbara is getting baptized and we are scrambling to get things put together for it to be a special experience for her. She is so ready and has great fellowship as well. She already told us she is excited for visiting teaching. She loves to cook and said she’ll be at the ready to be able to take meals to those in need. Haha future relief society president?

We got to do a lot of service this week with a sweet lady we call Nana. She is from Denmark and owns a clothing resale shop. We help her sort clothing items and get them tagged and priced. We are trying to get her involved in the church somehow. She’s had missionaries volunteer there for years. We did give a Book of Mormon to one of the gentleman that volunteer there as well though. He was real curious and excited to read it. I think this is good practice for member missionary work:)

We have zone conference this weekend. It’ll be my last so I’ll be giving my “dying” testimony. I’m nervous and sad. I have just loved serving.

This has been such an incredible experience and I can’t believe its coming to a close.

I love this gospel. I know that it is true. I’m grateful for the truths that I know and have been able to share. What a privilege its been!

Love you all!

Sister Jeppson


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