November 23rd 2015


This weekend was incredible! We had both Jackie and Imesha’s baptisms.

Mrs Jackies was so great. Sadly a lot of people were out of town but many of her fellowshippers and neighbors were able to come and help put together a cute program. She was a fantastic sport when preforming the ordinance. She had a toe float up twice but finally with some tact and skill, she got all under:) She told us she was a floater, so yes she warned us, haha.

Imesha had a huge crowd from the YSA ward come and support her. Everyone just gobbled her up and she was quick and graceful. She got to have the Bishop spotlight her for a moment after the ordinance and felt really loved.

We tried to make it as lovely as possible for those two lovely girls. We got little vials for them to keep a little of their baptismal water with them forever and some white and pink flowers. I hope they know how special they are, especially for making that covenant with God. They will receive the Holy Ghost this next week because of stake conference.

Sadly because of the ward split last week, we found out they won’t be in our ward. So we hope the elders will take good care of them.

We are working closely with two other awesome ladies who will be baptized in the upcoming weeks. One got to come and watch Imesha get baptized and it gave her the opportunity to see what it is like. She’s excited!

It feels like the week has just flown by, and maybe because we had our pday last tuesday. I just feel like not a lot has happened since last week!

I guess we did go on exchanges one day with the Caldwell/Hearne sisters. I got to go to Calvert which is one of the little towns that they cover. It is beautiful country out there, at least on one side of the tracks. These sisters cover all the little country towns. So two branches and several other towns that only a handful of people live in. It’s a whole new world out there. I was surprised how ‘country’ some people can be. Their church is in a little shop on main street. They have a couple class rooms and then a room they have the sacrament in. I think the branch is a total of 14 people. So like two families and a recent convert.

It’s interesting tracting out there too.

We had the wonderful opportunity to weekly plan in the car this last Thursday. We had to go and get it checked to get new stickers and what not, and so we had to drive it down to Houston. 2 hours down, 2 hours in the shop, and then 2 hours back to Bryan. We had a very thorough 6 hour weekly planning. This next week better be incredible!

We have been working with a recent convert who just moved into the area this week named Etta. She is from Africa and has the coolest accent. She is a sweet heart and we are helping her to be able to get to the temple. The coolest thing happen when we went to go and see her. So we are sitting down and what not, getting to know her, and then out comes this guy, looked like her son (but just a family friend), and he just sat down and joined us. We just assumed he was a member but at the end of our visit he finally spoke up and asked, “So isn’t’ it your job to invite people to church?” We were a bit caught of guard but said “Of course, you’re welcome to come! Would you be able to come this next Sunday?” He said he’d love to. Come to find out he’s not a member and is super open to learning more. Our next visit we taught about the Book of Mormon and he is just soaking it all up! We are excited for Femi.

Oh and funny story about tracting yesterday. First off, football is a religion down here in College Station/Bryan area. And so everyone either politely or rudely lets us know when the game is on. So we were tracting yesterday and come to find out the game is on. We weren’t having lots of luck talking to people since they were engrossed in the game. But we approached this one door as we had circled around the street and right after I knocked the lady immediately opened the door. It was weird, as if she knew we were coming. She asked us what we wanted, kind of stiffly and quickly. I started our approach and she just cut me off, handed me some papers, and told us how it makes much more sense to be an atheist woman. She shut the door and we just stood there for a moment on her porch just kind of taking in what just happened. We just laughed and went to the next door. I’ve never been addressed so abruptly with anti before. We disposed of the articles but had to laugh about how planned and strange that was. It does make me sad though how far off some people are.

I’m so grateful for the truth and peace this gospel brings. I’ve been able to experience a lot of things lately that just confirm and solidify the truths of the gospel. I’m grateful for the little daily trials and challenges we encounter because of how much they really do build our faith and if we are rooted it only makes us stronger. Just like deep roots of a tree because of the wind. We are being sifted now during this great harvest and I hope that we hang onto those things that we know and FEEL to be true.

I love you and hope you have a great week!

Sister Jeppson

The baptisms and working at the food bank.


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