Oct 26th 2015

This week has been full of reflection. Sister Activille was able to go
through the temple Saturday. Sadly I wasn’t able to go:( I thought a
lot about her and the people in Ponderosa. I feel so far away from the
mission up here!
It’s like a whole new world.
We have been enjoying the rain. We had one cool lightning storm that
kept us up all night in the middle of last week. I wish we had some
more storms. I miss the ones that happen down in Houston. The sky is
so big here that the lightning usually stretches across it like
terrible spider webs.
Everyone has crazy halloween decorations up. We run into some creepy
things on peoples door steps. I’m not a big fan of knocking on peoples
doors the week or two before halloween. But hey, maybe we’ll get some
candy? haha
Miracle of the week, we set a baptismal date with Barbara! We’ve been
working with her for the past couple weeks and honestly she was kind
of on the fence about things. We taught the gospel of Jesus Christ and
she told us that she wants to pursue that path! She had some good
questions about enduring to the end and she is excited to be able to
prepare for baptism! We hope this motivates her to come to church. We
were literally shocked when she said yes. Her date is set for the 8th
of Dec. I hope it holds through and we don’t have to push it back.
Another miracle! Jackie is back! She is healthy and a hoot! We gave
her a week where we didn’t contact her and then randomly popped in on
Saturday. She is mostly better. We put together a baptismal calendar
with her and hope to set her date for the 14 of Nov.
We went to go track down some less actives this week and we drove out
far into the country since we have a few extra miles for the month. We
struggled to get our fusion down some dirt roads while it was raining.
I was smart about it and we actually had a lot of fun trying to avoid
puddles. We ran into a couple that were home and found out a few have
moved. There was one we got to where his gate and fence were pretty
secure. We pondered on how to get to his and the next less actives
house. I had the thought, “Theres no need”. I knew it was from the
spirit. After still trying to figure out how to contact them, we
decided to move on. We weren’t able to visit either of them. And I’m
glad we didnt. We texted the ward council about our efforts at the end
of the day and they told us that the two we werent able to see are
DNCs and kind of crazy. The recommended we stay away. I know the Lord
protects us. Even through the smallest things like a very secure fence
and thoughts from the spirit.
I saw two live armadillos. They say when you see a live one, that your
mission is complete. We found a few dead ones too.
Its been a great week. I just love all that I am learning. I hope you
guys have a great week!
Happy Halloween!
Sister Jeppson

In the mornings we run a couple miles and we got poured on!image1 (3) image2 (2) image3 (1)


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