Oct 19th 2015

Wow this week has been incredible. And time is going by so fast!

We had a great monday, those seem to be our miracle finding days in this area. We found some crazies and some golden people. One of the people we found, a college student, was a little strange at the door. He was talking to us about how to find truth and he sort of talked himself into a bind. He didn’t quite make sense and when we asked him if he had heard about the Book of Mormon before he jumped up excited and ran into his apartment. He came back out with a sticky note filled, worn Book of Mormon. He said he got it from a hotel. He proceeded to tell us everything we obviously didn’t know about the book with his own twist in some stories. We tried to leave and left him with mormon.org to clarify things. It was hard trying to talk with him. So guess who showed up to church yesterday. We never gave him the information! At least we know he did go to mormon.org to find the meeting time and location. Everyone at church commented on how strange he was. We felt rather awkward and told the elders they could teach him if they wanted to.

We had some incredible lessons though with a lot of very prepared YSAers. We had one with Lane. He is a deep thinker and grew up a devoted baptist. His family won’t be happy to learn he is meeting with us.. We taught a powerful restoration and he asked incredible questions. At the end, before we invited him to be baptized, we were testifying of how knowing the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon would help him to have direction in his life like he said he desired. And then he stopped us and asked, well what can I do to have it? Like how can I know what direction I’m going to is to God? And how can I get there? (Basically he seemed to be asking, what more can I do?) We told him that baptism is the first step, opening the gate and putting yourself on the path that directs us to God. We invited him to be baptized and he accepted the soft commitment. We are super excited for him. The only thing we are worried about is his family’s reaction. He seems to really be hesitant about that. But the spirit was so strong and he told us how he felt the Book of Mormon was already true. He had begun reading it before we came.

That night another amazing lesson followed. We saw Matthew for our first visit with him as well and taught the restoration. 20 min long. Simple, powerful. Pretty much he taught himself. He also accepted baptism. That lesson was the most flawless lesson I’ve ever been in. And he was ready and prepared. We had invited him to read the beginning of the intro and he had questions ready for us when we got there. But not just any questions, but those that led perfectly into the lesson.
I have really felt the spirit guide me in my teaching and I feel it continually improving and being rounded out.
Last night we taught the restoration again. He began by sharing some things he researched and some anti he had gotten into. I’d never really directly addressed anti before, its never been an issue. So I acknowledged that what he was reading wasn’t good to look up because the context was wrong and what not, and then felt prompted to tell him that he would be able to get a personal witness from God about the Book of Mormon and the things that we believe. So the whole lessons had this theme of receiving personal revelation and the need for revelation through a prophet. At the end he was so excited to be able to go and read and pray to know for himself. He accepted a baptismal commitment as well.
I sure hope that we will be guided in each of their needs to help them progress to baptism.
That’s been our focus lately.

And miracle! Jackie is feeling better! We were so worried her time was up and she’d leave us, but we got in with some priesthood holders from our ward who gave her a blessing. She just loved it and wont stop talking about how powerful it was. Her husband who is a baptist minister made some funny comments after the blessing but he really appreciated our efforts to help his wife and said he feels something different about us, and sees something different in her. I thought of the talk from conference that talks about how they couldn’t do anything about the “look in their eyes”.

Man there is just so much to share! We did exchanges this week. Sister Powell and Sister Seeley were in Hearne and Caldwell, the smallest branches in the mission, for the day and they got hit by a deer!!! The car was damaged pretty bad but the sisters were fine. Sister Powell was hilarious as she acted it out for us.

The weather here has been nice. Its cooling down some days and then hot and sticky for others. I miss being down in Houston. There are no thunderstorms or rain up here. But perhaps its just a dry year. We are just stuck in Brazos valley and all are dying of allergies. But its okay!

I just love being a missionary! I am learning so much!

Hope all is well back at home!

Sister Jeppson

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