Oct 12th 2015

This week has been incredible! And kind of a little strange. We don’t
really know what happened but we had so many lessons planned, so many
new people we were so excited to see, and everyone died! Brazos valley
is one of the heaviest allergy spots in Texas. And the world? haha
idk. But everyone here is dying of intense allergies and then on top
of that apparently there was something crazy in the produce that made
people a little sick at both ends. Luckily we haven’t really gotten
sick past the allergies. But all of our investigators are either dying
or had people come into town. So we only had three lessons out of the
15 we were planning on. So our numbers look a little out of wack. And
we could have been a little better at planning back ups for people so
we had more productive things to do. We ended up doing a lot of less
active follow up and potential investigator follow up this week.
Meaning we just show up at their house and hope they haven’t moved or
aren’t “do not contacts”. We met some crazies. And things were a bit
scary out in the country in the dark night at 8pm.
But, this week at least was a very successful finding week. We found
some new cute families. We had some powerful door approaches. We have
been trying to find better ways to approach people at the door. We
like to ask questions because it gets people thinking and the one
we’ve found most effective lately is asking about how they can discern
truth. Between the things of God and the things of man. Many people
will say prayer or reading their bible. So we build off of that and
talk about how they can receive a personal witness of truth. We
introduce the Book of Mormon as one way to know. Most people have
mormon friends and have been exposed to it. So they are familiar with
it. We often have to clarify their misconceptions. But one gentleman,
a young father, said he had a mormon friend with whom he debated about
the 3 glories. We promised him that he could receive a personal
witness for himself if the BoM was true. We acknowledged his faith and
assumed he knew how to receive answers to prayers and that he must
have gotten answers in the past. He felt uplifted by the assumption
and said that he would be willing to test it out. We testified to him
about the truthfulness of what we shared and his eyes started to tear
up. The moment was powerful and Sister Powell and I felt very guided
in our words. We left at the most powerful moment. In order for him to
feel the contrast of what he was lacking, that spirit in his life. It
leaves them wondering, and wanting more. And we never got his name.
But we hope to return and follow up with ‘the man who teared up’.
We are working with an amazing lady named Barbara. She is a member
referral. We have met her a few times in the past when the member
invited her to dinner once, and then the women’s broadcast. But the
coolest interaction was when the member had signed up to feed us,
invited Barbara, and then got sick. Barbara, loving to cook, invited
us over so that we wouldn’t go hungry. It was yummy. We ate at her
house and then after shared a brief restoration and focused on the
spirit and how to discern truth. She really opened up to us and asked
a lot of good questions. She is at a cool point in her spiritual
development. We could just tell that she wanted to learn more. We
challenged her to begin reading the Book of Mormon in 2 Nephi 2 and
set a return appointment. We came back and taught the first half of
the Plan of Salvation and ended powerfully with the atonement. She
said the coolest part was the new knowledge of Adam and Eve, and how
God knew that would happen and it was supposed to happen that way. You
could just see the wheels turning in her head. She was recognizing
that the Book of Mormon was becoming delicious to the taste. We just
went back yesterday to finish up the last half of the Plan of
Salvation. She had read Alma 40 to prepare. She made the comment that
she never had questions before, and that this was making her ask
questions she never thought she had, and then it was also answering
them. She just loves the knowledge that comes from the book of mormon.
We were hesitant to invite her to be baptized because she hadn’t had a
full restoration lesson yet and we worried her previous baptism
wouldn’t be able to be correctly addressed without a knowledge of
priesthood authority so we are excited to be able to go back and teach
the restoration again and invite her to be baptized this next week.
She is one of my favorite people to teach. She is a devoted baptist
and yet this has shown me that the gospel, if presented right and by
the spirit, can really fill the void that everyone has, even if they
don’t think they have a void. I just love Barbara:)
Well. Things are mostly the same. We are working hard here in Bryan
and I’m still trying to adjust to the country parts over here. I think
I’m acquiring an accent and often use some of the country phrases and
twang. Perhaps I’ll come home partially Texan.
I got to go down to the Woodlands this weekend for John’s baptism.
Road trip for most of the day. It was so great to see everyone down
there again. It was powerful. He was truly prepared and ready for
this. I was grateful I knew him for the month I did. He was one of the
most prepared people I’ve taught for baptism. He didn’t really even
need us. He had read the Book of Mormon long before and knew more
about the Plan of Salvation than I did. I got to see Kevin again. He
doesn’t even act like a convert. He spoke at John’s baptism. It was
wonderful to see my two sisters again, Richards and Weaver. They are
on fire down there, teaching so many people!
I just love this work and the joy and happiness that comes from it. It
is so fulfilling!
Hope all is well back home. Is it getting colder there? Or will it be
another strange winter?
Love you all!
Sister Jeppsonimage1 (2) image2 (1)


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