November 9th 2015

Wow! Okay this week has just flown by!

So sister Powell was transferred and she is now serving down in Wheatstone and is on bike! Haha poor thing has to deal with the weather down there. There has been lots of rain and lots of flooding down in Houston. Up here it hasn’t been bad. Just a constant rain and cold wind. We are breaking out the cardigans and things. Winter is finally here in Texas. I would say it compares to a Utah fall.

So Tuesday Sister Evans drove up from Klein and joined me up here in Bryan! She came on a really busy day so I we didn’t have time to take her stuff home or anything. We 3 back to back appointments, a quick break for lunch, then follow up, dinner, finding, and more appointments. We didn’t really get to breathe Tuesday. But it was nice, she got to meet most all of our investigators that first day.

She came into the mission with Sister Richards, they have been out about 4 months now. Shes a red head so she has spirit. She is a hard worker and a go getter. So much good is going to be done here in Bryan. There is a lot of potential here right now as well. Miracles are going to happen!

Jackie is doing so well. She has come to church two weeks in a row on her own! She is trudging through some health challenges. She is quite the artist and painted me an elephant, she says that is my spirit animal.

Barbara is doing very well too. She is just soaking it all in and reading very diligently. She is an amazing cook and always makes us a fabulous meal for each of our lessons.

Imesha is doing well as well. We hardly ever see her besides at our lessons. The YSA ward has just gobbled her up and so she is well taken care of.

These three ladies are just fabulous and have baptismal dates in the next two to three weeks. I’m so proud of them and their decision to once again commit to follow their savior.

Friday, Sister Evans had a baptism back in her old area, so we got to road trip down to Houston. The weather was nice. I just love the thrill of driving on old dark country roads. We sped our way down, as fast as dear tiwi would let us. (The devices they put in our cars to regulate our speed and aggressive driving.)  There was one point when I didn’t realize there was railroad tracks ahead, We caught a little air. It was quite fun until the tiwi said in his stern robotic voice, “aggressive driving”. We just laughed and slowed down.

It’s been a good week. I am learning so much and just loving being here on the Lord’s errand.

One of the biggest things I think I have learned lately is to love and develop our relationships with others here on earth. Others are so important, sons and daughters of God, and those relationships are one of the few things that we will be able to take with us into the eternities. I’ve been thinking more about how I can better the relationships I have with others. Yes, with those nameless faces that I meet daily, but more importantly those with whom I have the biggest influence around; my companion, family, and close friends. It’s easy to love others when you don’t know them. It’s so fulfilling and worth it to learn to love those whom you’re closest to.

I just love you all and hope you are enjoying the cold Utah weather! I think it’s getting pretty cold here, I’m going to freeze coming back home!

Have a great week!

Sister JeppsonIMG_1232[1] IMG_1258[1]


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