Nov 2nd 2015

Transfers are tomorrow, and then it’s a six week climb. How crazy is
that. There are some big changes happening. We have two zones merging
up here in college station so I’m going to be working with 36 other
missionaries. We have a pretty big crew up here. We are going to see
Sister Powell is leaving Bryan, her first shipment down to Houston. We
aren’t sure where she is going to be serving yet. We finished this
last week off well together. It’s been a struggle trying to build
Bryan up but we saw so many miracles this last week. Three people at
church, progressing, and with baptismal dates. We had a bunch of
teaching appointments and lessons. I hope we can continue to keep this
wave rolling.
Halloween wasn’t bad. Then again we were inside most of the day doing
our weekly planning. We are grateful it’s over though. There are too
many unnecessary decorations. We avoided all the crazies and had a
fantastic ward Halloween party.
There’s this joke between us and Jackies family that we are nuns. I
guess some people think we are nuns instead of missionaries.. But
Jackie decided she wanted to be a nun for Halloween. She was cute all
dressed up.
We had a busy week and lot of laughs and pictures.
Oh I almost forgot that we had zone meeting his past week. We went
down to Houston Tuesday for MLC. Getting up so early to drive all that
way always throws me off. But we had a fabulous meeting and I learned
lots about vision and purpose. We then one today got to train the
zone. I peeped them for this next transfers teaching plan about
prayer. Sister Coronado and I were also the ones chosen to do the
example role-play about what to say to someone who says they’ve
already been baptized. We get that a lot down here. We had a
successful go at it.
We found a park here that looks like it has the arches from Utah all
around. It was weird seeing them here and we couldn’t figure out why
they were here. It was cool seeing them.
It’s been a good week. I recognized that I trusted a lot more, in God
and his timing, and what a difference that makes! I was just so much
happier! I just knew things were going to work out and I’m surprised
that everyone doesn’t just have that trust. It felt so good and I hope
to hang onto that.
I’m sure we did a lot more, but nothing is jumping out to me that’s
significant in any way.
Yay for transfers tomorrow!
Sister Jeppsonimage1 (4) image2 (3) image3 (2)


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