September fifth 2015

(surprisingly that isn’t a common phrase up here in Bryan.. I expected
it to be since we are a bit isolated)
This week was a good one! It’s been a bit all over the place because
of meetings and exchanges but it has been good! Monday was fun, we got
to go to downtown Bryan. Its like two blocks by two blocks. Fun little
antique shops. We also took a trip to the Boot Barn. Do I get boots or
no? Its a big deal down here to own a pair of boots.
We had a couple miracles that night when finding. We found a hidden
complex that is gold! We only tracted a few buildings and got a couple
new investigators. Some YSAs who are here for school. We’ve been
improving on our door approaches and have had some cool conversations
at peoples doors. We asked Tess what she would want to ask God, if she
could ask Him anything. She talked about grace and we shared for a
moment our testimonies about Christ, but what got us in her door was
asking to use her restroom. Sometimes you just have to get creative.
We got in and shared about how to discern truth. We talked about the
holy ghost and left her with the Book of Mormon to experiment with. We
went back later this week to teach the restoration. The member we
brought just happened to be one of her friends from school and the
spirit taught with such clarity to her. It was cool to see her wheels
turning and it was really cool that she understood it enough to ask us
a lot of questions back. She almost seemed to be a little frightened
that this might be true. She asked for some time to ‘seek discernment’
about it all. We sure hope and pray that she will not be afraid of the
answer. Change is hard. But I know that it will bless her life
Tuesday was a big day down in Houston. I switched with Sister Coronado
and we went to the missionary leadership training. We got trained and
got to turn around and come train our zone with the things that we
learned. It’s fun being able to teach in zone meeting. I got to teach
on what Sister Mortensen addressed us with, knowledge. I had some cool
studies this week about knowledge and really had my eyes opened.
Thinking a lot about the temple, I found out that there are many great
blessings that come from acquiring knowledge and developing it.
Wednesday I went on an exchange with other sisters in the college
station area. Sister Soto from San Diego spent the day with me. We got
to meet a lot of cool part member families in their area. She gave us
a lot of good ideas on how to work with them. Thursday is our big
planning day. And then Friday was when we did zone meeting. So this
week was just full of ‘stuff’. I’m excited for next week and hope that
it will seem more normal and that we will be able to visit with more
people. We had a cool experience last night. We’ve had a lot of time
during the 8 pm hour and have been trying part members like Sister
Soto had. We got in with one young family and just sat down to get to
know them. The husband isn’t a member and went in the other room with
their child. And we got to hear the sweet sisters story. She opened up
to us about the things going on in her life and really expressed great
concern she has for her family. We all felt the spirit strong. We got
to provide as much comfort as we could but we really felt like the
Lord led us to her that night. She is excited to see us this next
I’m so grateful to be a missionary. There are so many great
experiences and such great learning opportunities that come while out
I’m grateful for the prophets words and hope that I will be able to
continually apply their counsel. I hope you too had great insight and
inspiration from their words.
Are you taking the time to ponderize? haha I loved that.
I hope you guys have a great week!
Love y’all!
Sister Jeppson


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