September 28th 2015

So Bryan is wonderful! It’s small, country, but a busy college town now that school is in session at A&M and Blinn. I wonder if this is what it feels like to live in Provo. Everyone eats breathes and sleeps Aggie’s. Saturdays the whole town shuts down because of the games. We don’t go out tracting then, else we may be shot for interrupting. (jokes) but people here are serious about their football.

The city is hard to describe. There are tons and tons of mobile homes. Everything is old and smells a bit moldy. There’s not a lot of ‘new’ things here. The people here are newly weds or nearly dead. Everyone has a bit of a drawl in their voice or they’re from out of town. I just love the people here. There is not as much diversity as the Woodlands, or even Houston, but there are lots here from around America. The people here are humble. Many are open to listening to our message. We really don’t have a lot of middle class or wealthy neighborhoods, at least that I’ve seen yet. I’m sure there are some big houses on the outskirts of town.

Trains run through here. Lots of people are out walking or biking. There’s a town clock. Downtown is fun and full of a lot of antique shops. The life of a missionary here isn’t that bad.

We work on Blinn. I’ll step foot on A&M when on exchanges or if we have an investigator who attends there. But we don’t actively find there. Blinn is a feeder school. Its tiny. Probably smaller than Davis high. We are trying to fix a few kinks but are excited for things to get up and running here. I’ve only been twice. There is a pretty good concentration of members though. Most of them are recent converts. The work is exploding for the YSA wards up here. We are hoping to pick up Bryan 1st family ward.

SO. Jackie. She is our wonderful investigator who will be baptized in about three weeks. She is hilarious, a country woman who has a mind of her own. She is the sweetest thing and reached her 70th birthday not too long ago. She just loves the gospel, was found through her neighbor, and is so excited to be baptized. She asked the bishop here to baptize her. I feel like Jackie and Grandma Howard would get along so well. I think of Jean when we’re with her.

We are working with a couple families as well who will probably not get baptized until late December because of the need to get married. If we time it right hopefully we can come back and be here for it!

We are going to be doing a lot of finding. I’m excited to be able to work on our door approaches. We are trying to be compelling and moving. We find that asking if we can ask a question is the best attention grabber so far. We’ll ask what they desire for their family or if they could ask God anything, what they’d ask him. We get some cool interactions and have found some success with those.

We work with a lot of less active families here. We have about 700 in our ward boundaries. But are just a little ward. We have a lot of reactivation to do. The ward seems to be a bit discouraged with those heavy numbers.

We visited one family in particular that has been a focus among the ward council, and our visit was incredible. So remember, I just got here. I don’t know anyone, let alone this guys situation or concerns. We ask him about his conversion. He tells us an incredible story and that he knows that the Book of Mormon is true. He said he couldn’t deny it. We then talked about obedience and acting upon the things that we know. The spirit weighed heavily upon me to tell him he needs to get back to church and begin living the gospel for his family. The conversation wasn’t quite right and I worried I missed my opportunity to tell him that. Then the conversation turned again and I felt the heavy prompting to tell him. I looked at him and said, “You know, I know I don’t know you well, but I feel and overwhelming urgency to tell you that you need to bring your family back to church.” I’m not sure what else I said, but it got quiet and he sat there thinking for a while. He committed to coming to watch general conference and begin to turn his life around. I sure hope he does. But I’m grateful for that experience that I had to let the spirit work through me. I hope that I never ignore or even turn away a spiritual prompting.

Sister Powell is teaching me a lot. She is very sensitive to the Spirit and to people. That is one thing I want to learn from her and apply.

These next few months are going to be incredible, I can just feel it! There is so much work to be done:)

I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Sister Jeppson


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