September 14th 2015

This week went by crazy fast.

Yet pretty slow at the same time… is that possible? I have had some ear trouble this week. I started with just a sore ear and a couple days in they were swollen and painful! What happened, I don’t know.. But it feels/sounds like I’ve got ear plugs in all the time. Strange, I know. I still am having trouble hearing and its been a week. The doc gave me some medication that should help.
Missions aren’t the kindest when it comes to the healing process. I think things take 10x longer to heal since we are go go go and have no time to rest. But I’m surviving!
I got a blessing from the elders in the area and I know that the priesthood power is real. It’s amazing how those blessings are so tailored to the individual. It’s amazing how the elder, without any previous knowledge of what I’m going through (besides the ear problems), blessed me with things that I needed to hear. I just love being able to be served by those who are worthy to hold the priesthood. We had a cool talk on the preisthood power in sacrament meeting as well.
So yesterday in the YSA ward we had an amazing sacrament meeting. Bishop Huntsmann is wanting the ward to be more focused on Christ and in building out testimonies on Him and so he tells us to not prepare talks, but little sermons. He’s funny, it’s the bible belt influence, I think. So we had 2 amazing 8 min sermons from a member and recent convert yesterday, and it was followed up beautifully by a returned mission president. All centered on the Savior. It was so powerful. Their testimonies, sorry, sermons were so great. I wish all of our investigators could’ve been there.
John is progressing so well. The ward is just eating him up.
We are really impressed with how receptive he is. He knows more than the average member does, I believe. He has studied the doctrines of our faith for a long time. It’s cool to be able to help him have the spiritual witness that it is true, rather than just relying on all the facts and knowledge he’s gained. I just love our meetings with him. We do our best to Master Teach him but he knows so much that we get through the lessons so quickly. Kevin and him ride to church together, and Kevin is a deep thinker. They love to talk about all these things they are learning together at church. Those two are a funny combo. Kevin just has an old soul.
We are going to be going to the temple with Kevin to do baptisms for the dead on Saturday. It didn’t work out the previous weeks because the temple was closed for renovations. We are so excited. He has been doing lots of family history. It’ll be special to be able to go with him.
We have been getting a lot of referrals lately from head quarters and spent a majority of the week sifting through those. We’ve met some interesting people that way.
We got to go to Brenham this last Wednesday to go and help set up the institute on their campus there. It was an 1 1/2 hour drive and felt so weird spending the whole day on a road trip. But I just LOVE long drives. During our trip we discovered a hill. It was so thrilling to imagine mountains again! Texas is sooooooo flat.
So transfers are in a week. I’m almost positive that I’m going to be leaving this area. It’s been one of the best. I’ve felt the most confident and on top of everything here. I’ve had great companions and felt like I’ve been able to work my hardest. I hope to end well in whatever area I go to next. Hopefully A&M???:) yes please!
My comps say that I’ll go country, honestly I think I’d go crazy. But only as a missionary, if it were just me as Jazmyn, I would love to be in the country!
I won’t really be able to say goodbye to anyone here either. I’m going to be on a three day exchange helping some other sisters start up their area in conroe.. so yeah.
It’s going to be an adventurous week!
Hope you guys have a great week as well!
Love you!:)
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