September 7th 2015

Howdy y’all!

So it’s Labor Day. So we have to use the iPads. I apologize in advance
for all the grammatical errors.
It’s been a great week. I can’t really remember what happened, so here it goes..
We began club rush week on campus and had to get a bunch of things
pulled together last minute. It all worked out, just as everything
does with the Lord. We had a blast. Min it to win it games and Mormon
messages playing. We got 7 sheets of 25 names full of non members.
Institute is going to be hoppin.
We had a few exchanges. I was on bike in the pouring rain. Yay. It was
quite the adventure. I was soaked to the bone. Then the storm left and
the sun came out and it got really hot. I was still wet but because of
It’s been a good week. We have taught a lot of people but are
struggling to get some people progressing. We have tried all we can.
Oh, we had MLC and ZM this week, I taught on patience. Please hold
your laughs in. I think I needed to teach it. I learned a lot.
Miracle of the week!! John was a referral. He just fell into our lap.
We went to visit him the day after we got his information. He is GOLD.
He has been reading the BoM for the past six months. He has been
chatting on with missionaries and has been fascinated by
Mormonism almost his whole life. He came to church and we tried to
plan his experience well. We prepped the ward council to bear good
testimonies, asked the WML if he would teach about the spirit world
and then made sure people sat by him at church. He said he had an
amazing experience and then after church he asked who he had to talk
to in order to be baptized! 🙂 we are excited to be working with him!
Sorry it’s pretty short. The other missionaries are here and we’re
going to play volleyball.
Love y’all! Happy days!
Sister Jeppsonimage3 image2 image1


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