August 31st 2015

My spirit has just been so full this past week. I just love being able to go to all these meetings where I just learn so much! I’m going to miss having President Mortensen there all the time to clarify doctrine and teach it so powerfully. Haha I guess that’s why we have a prophet! I’m so excited to be able to hear from him! The words of the prophets are so special and important to follow.

I’ve been surrounded by great leaders and teachers. Bishop Huntsmann gave us a great lesson the third hour yesterday about the 5 essential doctrines of our gospel. We talked a lot about the nature of God. He’s intelligent so he broke into the council of Nicaea and lots of the history. I studied Moses 7 this morning and just love Enoch’s experience and all we can learn from that.
I’m recognizing that so much of the gospel is rooted in revelation. And what we do with that revelation, so agency. And who that agency in centered in, Christ. And how we use that agency, through Christ. And the purpose of our Savior, to get us home to God, to be like Him. How simple is this gospel. How grand is the plan and perfect the steps/phases of life. How trusted we are to live here on earth and choose. There is so much potential in all of us. Potential to be as God is.
I could ramble for forever.
I know that God has created a wonderful plan for each of us to have purpose, find meaning, and reach home. I’m grateful for it. And am trying my best to live it and choose God.
Some of the most spiritual experiences I’ve had these past couple weeks have been in the clarity that has come from the spirit of the importance of the first three lessons outlined in PMG.
I’ve just been hit hard, especially when we roleplay, Joseph Smith’s first vision in his own words. We are learning how to teach after the manner of the Master, compelling, and personal and powerful. It has worked. The Spirit is so strong when we state those words from Joseph Smith. The investigator, so moved because of the spirit he/she feels. The spirit is so sweet.
Many recent converts I have spoken to lately tell of how the were ‘sold’ after hearing the Plan of Salvation. If presented right people will realize these are truths that are missing. They fill a void within each and every soul. I feel a bit jipped knowing I’ve had those my whole life, and I’m finally recognizing their importance and power. Perhaps, though, that’s why we call conversion continual.
It’s been a great week, we’ve taught a lot, had great exchanges with other sisters, been on campus advertising LDSSA, and just enjoying the hectic missionary life.
I’ve honestly been a bit tight at the seems because of the many many many things there are to do. But I’m learning how to translate stress into action. It’s actually worked quite well but I’m learning I have to be positive while in that translation process, else negativity will destroy everything. It’s a battle I’ve tried fighting for a long time and I’m grateful for this chance through the unique boundaries and prescription of a mission to master it and acquire the character of my Savior. I’m learning so much. I can already see why many people say their mission was for them. I’ve grown so much. And I still don’t know how it works but I know that it does work; when we lose ourselves in the work and only focus outward, the trials, weaknesses, frailties of the inward seem to become strong and mold us into a more Christ like character. It’s real. It works.
We have MLC this week and then as follows, Zone Meeting. We hope to inspire the zone to lift and encourage them to reach a higher standard. The norm has gone a bit low lately throughout the mission, probably because of so many new missionaries coming and just not knowing standards and things, but we are excited to find how to lift them to reach the Lord’s standard.
I’m so grateful to be serving a mission. I love it with all my heart. I wouldn’t do anything differently. I’ve seen so much and learned so much.
I hope you guys see this within yourselves too as you share the gospel with those around you or prepare for your own full time mission.
I love y’all!
Sister Jeppson
We met famous Bishnu from Napal. #MeettheMormons

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