August 19th 2015

Hello mi familia and amigos!
It has been a crazy week. I don’t even remember what happened yesterday. It seems like it has been an eternity since Thursday evening and that’s when we picked sister Weaver up from the trainer/trainee orientation. My responsibilities seemed to quadruple after transfers Tuesday. I’m supposed to be a traveling missionary for two zones to help in the training of some missionaries and lifting, inspiring, and ministering to others while on exchanges. We had two full 24 hr exchanges this week with two sets of sisters. They were great and I got to stay in our area with sister Watson for one day and later in the week with sister Christensen. We had good teaching experiences for them and we learned a lot from one another as we combined teaching and scripture ideas and implemented a lot of the new training we have received about master teaching. Sister Christensen is new, just as old as sister Richards and so it was fun to see how she has been developing into a great teacher and missionary. We got to go down town this week and contact on main street. I tested sister C and she had great contacts and was firm in her testimony of
Joseph smith.
I have really been practicing patience and yielding to these sisters we are working with. Trying to give them opportunities to teach and fumble through words in order to recognize the spirit working through them and follow its promptings.
It’s taken a lot of patience being in a trio. I’m trying to remove myself and my bossy input haha. I’ve been the backbone in our relationship and now that I’m removing my guidance, or at least the frequency of it, there has been some challenges and frustrations in the typical routine of things. I want sister Richards to get the most out of this experience to train, plus I will be gone most the week working with other sisters in the zones, so I feel that they will have the advantage to train together.
So it’s been hard for me, because of my desire to help and guide and lead, to step back and allow them to figure things out themselves while still helping to a certain degree. They’re beginning to realize all the little things that come with being a missionary. And I wish I helped them better to recognize how to handle and do the little things without just doing it for them.
Sister Weaver is wonderful though. She is from Maryland, Olney or something like that. Everyone gets excited when she says she’s not from Utah. For some reason everyone hates it if you are from Utah. People were pleasantly surprised that sisters could be in trios yesterday at church. Lots of people signed up to feed us. It had the opposite effect I thought. I thought people wouldn’t want to feed three mouths.
We’ve had a lot of cool miracles this week with new investigators and great lessons. But most of the week seems to be a bit of a jumbled mess. I don’t quite remember everything that happened. Just lots of exchanges, meetings for transfers and training, firesides for stake YSA stuff. Campus work. Meetings with both wards. More tracting. More teaching. A lot of drama with the ward because of the bishop moving out and rumors on whos going to be the next bishop. Just lots of stuff. I’m hoping this next week will be clear and purposeful and we will be able to get through it with our heads above water. Today started off well. We sacrificed an hour of our pday to go and teach a LA member a lesson. They are a part member family and want us to keep working with them. We think it was quite worth the sacrifice. We have a great week ahead of us. Zone Conference. More exchanges, and then a “why I believe” fireside this coming sunday. Kevin, who just got baptized in our ward, is a back up speaker for that. They get to share their story to all the non members that attend to come see why we believe what we do. We as missionaries get to sing in the choir the efy medley and i’ll go where you want me to go. These things are always so powerful. It’s like the 6th one I’ve been to on my mission.
Man, sorry this email seems to be all over the place. It has been quite the week but I just love being busy and working hard in this area. I have a feeling this is going to be my last transfer here so I’m hoping to work had and make things happen.
Hope all is well back in Utah! I hear its getting hot. I’ll send a rainstorm or two your way:)
Love you so much! Thanks for all you do!
Sister JeppsonIMG_0485 IMG_0486

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