August 10th 2015

This week has been amazing!!!!
Andrea!! We totally taught her up until the park city missionaries stole her for baptism. (I know numbers don’t matter but she does count in our mission. #texasisthebest) That is so cool that she is connected with the Aposhains! She is one fantastic lady and I know she just made a huge step that is going to greatly bless her family. I’m excited for her to be moving to Utah soon.
This week has been the best week of my mission. And probably the busiest. 2 last minute (but totally prepared for) baptisms, MLC, Zone meeting, an exchange, role plays and new training, teaching gospel principles in church, and news about transfers this next week. Words cannot express how much joy I have been feeling. How much anxiety and stress I’m experiencing. How quickly I feel like I’ve been brought to my knees but yet how strengthened and supported I have been this week. I know that if one has pure faith, pure trust, all things will work out for their good. I tried this week, to really trust. I felt completely unqualified and, sadly because of the business and the lack of time, a little unprepared for all the meetings and things that were expected of me. But everything worked out perfectly. I really wish I had the time and words to express all that I want to.
So I have to tell you about Kevin’s baptism. It was the most spiritual experience I think I’ve been in. We stressed to make this perfect for him. We got him flowers (mostly for his mother who was coming to support him) a journal and a vial to keep a little of his baptismal water with him to remember forever. We had wonderful members for the program who really set the tone and the spirit for the baptism. BUT the best part was when he walked into the font for the ordinance. Brother Zeyer followed in order to baptize him. Everyone was silently holding their breath. I was honestly hoping he wouldn’t have to get dunked twice. Bro Z immersed him into the water and time seemed to slow down. I cannot express feelings of the spirit that was there. Kevin came up out of the water and time stood still. He seemed to soak it all in. He took a moment to FEEL. He began sobbing and him and brother zeyer hugged. One of those “I love you bro” hugs. His mother and brother, both non members, were bawling. He had several nonmember friends there as well. Everyone just swallowed him up with love. We set up a pancake breakfast for him, put on by wonderful sisters on the ward. It’s kinda an inside joke since he brought us pancakes a couple times to our lessons. Man. Things were just perfect. His confirmation was amazing too. He is just very in tune with the spirit.
We got asked last minute to teach in gospel principles this sunday on the word of wisdom. I’m grateful for times like these, but I feel they would go a lot better if I was able to prepare, haha. I felt a little like I was throwing things together and things weren’t able to connect as well because I wasn’t sure in my head where I wanted things to go. It was good though because Ed and Cody, both who struggle with this commandment, were there at church, so we got to have the ward help us address their concerns about the word of wisdom.
I like teaching. You learn so much when you teach.
We had a great turn out at church for Kevins confimation. His mother came and many poeple from the ward reached out to him and helped him. We had several people we are working with come as well. A few wonderful members who haven’t been for a while, and then Cecil and Sumera who wanted to come and check out the church. They are from the middle east and have been intrigued by what we do as missionaries and want us to come teach them. Of course we couldn’t turn them down!
Another miracle of the week.
We were tracting in 101 degree weather, dying and becoming all to familiar with what it felt like to have everyone slam their doors on us. When we noticed a family outside working on their lawn. I totally envisioned our family. The dad was over seeing the work the kids were doing and lovingly yet boldly telling them what to do and what not to do. It reminded me of the many days working in the yard with dad overseeing our work on the lawn or garden or whatever. We approached them and the dad came up to us. They asked us if we could teach them. WHAT.? That doesn’t happen. We were shocked and asked them if they have met missionaries before. They explained they had just returned from the Philippines where there were for seven years helping rebuild and clean up. They said they worked side by side with missionaries there. They admired what we do and now that they were back in the states, they need a church to go to. They want to be apart of our church. WOW. I had to pick up my jaw from off the floor. To be continued. We hope to be seeing them this next week.
Also good news. (I tend to always get a sneak peak with transfers.) I haven’t worried about it since I’ve been doing training with Sister Richards, but at the fireside last night, President came up and asked how we would feel being in a trio. WE ARE GOING TO BE TRAINING IN A TRIO. TRIO TRAINING. I’m having a daughter and becoming a grandmother at the same time….
Sister Richards is only half way done with her training but she is so amazing that we are halting her training in order to train another new missionary!!! We pick up the new missionary this thursday. WHAT. I have a feeling Sister Richards will do most of her training, to give her the experience. President said I’m going to become a floating sister for leadership responsibilities for the sisters around us that we work with. WOW. Is this happening? Holy cow, things are going to become so busy.
So stay tuned for details about transfers. I’ll send pics of the three amigas next week!
I love y’all! Stay cool. Because we are melting down here. You should send some snow or something.
Love you!
Sister JeppsonIMG_0481 IMG_0483

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