August 3rd 2015

I wish you all could have been here this week!

So much good. So many miracles.
I want to start with yesterday. By far one of the best days of the mission.
So we get to church. Kevin came for the first ward at 9. He has been praying about a baptismal date and we have finished all but one of the lessons with him. We had a good fast and testimony meeting and after, he asked if he could get a priesthood blessing. The bishop offered and so we went to his office after the first hour. We talked about the priesthood a little and then he received his blessing. The spirit was so strong. He thanked bishop and then we talked with him about how he was feeling about baptism. He said he knew he needed to do it soon. We asked if he would like to do it this Saturday, the 8th. He said yes. So we had 30 min before he had to leave for work, and we realized that in order for him to get baptized Saturday, that he would need to be interviewed now. We called the zone leaders who were in the middle of their church, and they sped over for the interview. He passed with flying colors. Then went to work. We are so excited for him and know that he is making the right decision.
Then, the YSA ward began. We had Andrea there (who is also getting baptized the 8th) and Cody, and then a new investigator for the first time named Ed.
I want you to know that that fast and testimony meeting was probably one of the longest and sweetest times I have felt the spirit. I don’t know why but the sacrament was so reverent and special. And everything that was said was so powerful. I tried to think of things in Ed’s perspective and it was so enlightening. The spirit was very strong. The atmosphere was just so perfect. Everyone was friendly and reached out to fellowship him. In gospel principles he was asked to stand up and introduce himself. He did and commented on the feelings he felt in sacrament meeting. How he felt welcome and something different, but good. I sure hope that those feelings stick with him. Feelings are so powerful- the Spirit is so powerful.
Andrea also introduced herself again since we had a lot of visitors and she told of how excited she was for her baptism. It just was a really good sunday. I felt full and spiritually fed.
This last week we’ve had some cool finding experiences. We have been trying to be more personable to people as we find and get ourselves into some deep and interesting conversations. We talked with a practicing Jew the other day and peaceably talked about both of our faiths and the why behind Jesus Christ being our Messiah. That was cool. I’m grateful for the things I have learned by reading Jesus the Christ, I feel like a lot of things I said came from some of the history I learned in that book. But I realized the most powerful part of our conversation was when testifying about the Book of Mormon.
We have had other interesting conversations about faith and many people here believe just in having a passive belief. Many of our words fall onto stony ground and its sad to see them with hardened hearts and closed ears. We don’t know what to do for them besides love them and hopefully show them through our example, and our testimony how it can help them.
We’ve been very busy. Always on the go. It’s been hard to try and balance all my responsibilities this transfer, since I’ve been asked to do lots of things. We are also going through a lot of leadership training and changes, and plus the training program with Sister Richards and trying to keep both wards going… I’m like a pot boiling over (not with anger just with all the things I have to do and think about haha) I feel like my brain has reached its maximum capacity to function. I wouldn’t be surprised if I just shut down like our poor ipads tend to do.
Speaking of which. The ipads have been a tremendous blessing but I think I hate technology. Haha I have received the one with all the problems, or so it seems. I asked Sister Richards the other day if it would be weird to pray over an ipad, or have faith in it. She laughed and said kind of but that those principles totally apply to everything.
She is training me.
Sister Richards is so great. I wish I started off the way she is at the beginning of my mission. She is going to go so far.
Fun fact. I went to a chiropractor. I think my back has aged to be 100 years old. This is what the stress of a mission will do to you. She’s from the ward here and fixed me up, kindly, for free. She gave me some stretches and things so I don’t break again.
We are going to be getting more involved on campus this next transfer.
Can’t believe 6 weeks have already gone by. It went by way too fast. Probably seems that way because I got my companion half way through… I should get extra weeks with her then! I hope she and I can stay together for the rest of my mission. But we’ll see what happens.
To another week!
I hope all is well! Have a great week!
Love you!
Sister Jeppson

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