7/27/15 True Joy

It seems like every single day, the sun is brighter, the people are nicer, and we’re happier! I think I’ve reached true joy. Everyday I just get so excited to go out and meet and teach people. I absolutely love what I’m doing! Each and every day gets better and better. I think I’m also getting sweatier and wetter! … Gross.

The temps are up to the 100’s like every day. I think someone said 107 yesterday but YSAers tend to over exaggerate.
Houston is HOT. But again, everyone says its a mild summer. I think they just try to make me feel better about it, haha.
This week was packed with miracles. I shocked all the missionaries in the zone when I told them that Sister Richards and I were going on exchanges and I was leaving Sister Richards in our area to do things on her own. She’d been a week or so out at that point. I knew she could handle it. She is a pro. We carefully set everything up for the exchange the day before. We had 5 member present lessons planned, finding, and follow up. She did AMAZING! Handled everything on her own, got us a couple new gators, and didn’t get lost in the Woodlands!
Is this what its like to brag about your kids? She is the best ever. Pre-trained.
I, on the other hand, got to go switch with sisters in a biking area. That day was the hottest day of the week, I swear! I took Sister Renturias place, she is a cute little petite girl… so I got her cute little petite bike. I crammed onto that thing. Boy was it small. By the end of the day it felt like we had biked 7 laps around the perimeter of Texas. I got a wonderful farmers/biker/missionary tan. I sweated like a horse. And probably scared everyone who answered their door for us. We looked a little less than presentable, I’m sure.
BUT we saw loads of miracles. We got offered lots of water, talked to everyone we saw. Got those sisters a few new gators. It was an amazing day! I’m still a bit sore…
Sister Richards and I were super excited to be put back together. I felt like I was missing my other half.
We saw a lot of miracles when contacting this week. We have a few new gators and one of them reminds me of dad. He is a big YSAer and plays football for Blin. He is such a softy though. He readily accepted our baptismal invite and proceeded to tell us how much he needs God in his life. We are excited to keep working with him.
Wow, time is getting cut short. We are working hard and loving the work!
Everyday goes by too fast. Everyday we’re the happier.
I just love being a missionary and hope everyone who qualifies will go! There is great joy in this work. The Lord really does bless you tremendously. I hope it never ends!
Oh, I spoke in church. Did a good job. I shared Jeppa’s story about him and Gunnell. Everyone loved it. YSAers are all about the romance.
Love you! Hope you have a great week!
IMG_0396 IMG_0397 IMG_0398
Sister Jeppson

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