July 20th 2015


So it is pretty hot here. It’s been slow in coming but its finally here. I’m drenched in sweat daily. I know that’s gross but it is true.
Knocking doors from 6 pm to 8 pm.. you’d think it’d at least cool down, but that seems to be the hottest and most humid time of the day. And that’s when suddenly all the mosquito’s from a 5 mile radius come and attack. I’m going to have scars for forever. Always itchy. Can one develop an allergy? Because I think I have with mosquito’s… haha
This week has been amazing!
Cody is doing well, things are slowing down with him and we are trying to help him overcome a few things. But he is always positive and is doing all he can, mostly with the help of a little push, to be the best he can and overcome some of his challenges.
Andrea is gold. She is progressing well.
Kevin came to church for his first time yesterday! Yay! He is progressing well for baptism and is always asking us for more. He has great questions and he comes up with great ideas like listening to the Book of Mormon in the car while he drives. He is a stud.
Ken is great. He will be able to attend our ward this coming sunday and we are excited for him to continue to meet more members! He also is getting very far along with his family history. We hope to set a baptismal date with him soon!
So awesome miracle of the week:
We have been practicing lots of new ways to find. New approaches, ways to catch people in their excuses right up front so we can get them to listen and think. So we’ve been practicing that and seeing a lot of success in the amount of people who pause to listen and hear what we have to say. Then we surprise them by just asking if we can ask one question. We ask the question, then they think. We get them to wonder about principles of the restoration, such as prophets, the Book of Mormon, or the need for a restoration. Many say they are already involved in a church, we affirm that is very good, they are who we are looking for, and then proceed to tell them that there is more.
We’ve run into a plethora of people from all different backgrounds and religions. All of which have stopped and wondered about what we ask. Many accept a return appointment and other let us in for just the 5 minutes we asked for. It’s been cool to see how receptive many people are. You just have to approach them the right way. Capture their attention, and leave them hanging, just a little, so they want more.
We did this with Mariana. She hardly spoke any English, but she invited us back after we were able to give a little spill about the Book of Mormon. She loved it. We went back and stood at her door waiting after our first knock. Nothing. We were a little worried she bailed for our appointment. Up to that point we hadn’t had any opportunities to teach the restoration, Sister Richards and I together. So I said a prayer in my heart that Mariana would be home just so that we could practice teaching the restoration, for Sister Richards to experience it. Sister Richards knocked one more time, a bit louder and longer, and we waited.
Mariana answered the door! We got in and got to practice our how to begin teaching and taught the restoration. Her lack of English was hard and challenged us to teach simply, which is good. The more your understand the doctrine, the simpler you can teach. Sister Richards did amazing, taking the lead in many big principles, and we invited Mariana to be baptized. She returns to Barcelona soon but we were blessed with an opportunity to teach, and she was blessed with the chance to go back home with salvation in her hand in the form of a little blue book.
We have been so busy. I am just loving being able to work with Sister Richards. She is so prepared, and just eager to learn everything. We have had a great week.
I just love texas, and the people here. I am learning so much and can’t believe how fast time is going by. A day seems to be over in seconds. I wish it would slow down.
But the opposite seems to happen with Sister Richards haha, they are good days, but she views them and long and a bit bumpy. There is such joy that comes through working with her and being able to train, and all of it focused in the Lords work. It causes me to remember many instances with Sister Heaps when I was being trained. Ah, missions are the best!
I love you all and hope things are going well!
Texas is the best!
Sister Jeppson
Sister Richards walking with a girl that was taking us to meet her mom across the parking lot.
Sunsets in texas are amazing! I wish the pictures could show you how beautiful and big the sky is!
IMG_0344 (1) IMG_0352 (1)

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