July 13th 2015

So I’m surprised I’m alive.

It has been a crazy week! Sister Ita’aehau and I have been scramblin with two areas. Working hard. Seeing miracles. We somehow got to see everyone we needed to.
We are working with some gems.
Kevin- he is the best. He is praying about a baptismal date and we are excited because he is almost through with the lessons! He is eager to learn and get baptized. He loves this gospel!
Hayder- he is doing amazing. He has been reading the Book of Mormon a little, trying to work on his english, and is always so excited to see us and talk about God. Its been a very interesting teaching process. It’s hard to teach people who aren’t Christian.
Cody- He is AMAZING. So willing to sacrifice anything to be able to be baptized. He has even quit his job to be able to come to church on Sundays. That shows dedication.
Andrea- she is also GOLD. I love her. She just gets the gospel. She loves it and is excited for baptism. She tells everyone about it all the time:)
Ken- came to the temple with us to go and weed. We did 4 hours of service there in the blasting heat! He worked hard and loved it!
We also had MLC and ZM this week. And Sister I had NLT. So we had meeting every single day for like the whole day. We’d get out in the afternoon and hit the ground running. I really don’t know how I survived. We had Zone Meeting. I taught about the Book of Mormon and its role in conversion. We challenged the zone to develop more compelling ways to teach the BoM to investigators. We also did fun roleplays of door knocking where we had to be real in our reactions as the non members. Some missionaries were a little harsh and would shut the door or say things mean. I guess its what prepares us for going out to knock in the world.
Friday night at 8:30 we met at Presidents home to get our new Sisters. They had arrived to Houston that afternoon and had a crash course of trainings. They were exhausted but all four of them looked so excited when Sister Ita and I walked in. We were the first there to go pick them up. We got to know them and President Mortensen did intorductions. He made us look really good haha so all the sisters were shocked at the success we were seeing and the amount of work going on. I got paired with Sister Richards, who is a lot like Sister Heaps, my trainer. I don’t think its any coincidence. Our personalities get a long really well together. She is a hard worker, totally prepared to be here and to work hard. She is very sweet but pumped to share the gospel with everyone. She is more of an introvert but confident in all she does. There is a pretty stark contrast between her and Sister Bates. We came home that night and planned. She made a comment on how she knew we’d be together before President made assignments. How cool!
We had a really great Saturday, did a lot of teaching. And had an hour to find. Then we planned and prepped for Sunday. Sunday was amazing. Church was long as we had ward council and correlation for both wards. And then we did finding, Sister Richards did her first few door approaches. She did really well. Then we had the temple tour with Cody.
It was just a great weekend. We are excited for this week. We have lots of training ahead of us for both the ipads and then for just helping her adjust to missionary life and be prepared to teach all the lessons.
She is a rock star!
I just love being here. I am learning so much and can’t believe how fast time is going by.
It’s already mid July! I swear February was just yesterday…
I love being a missionary. I know that this gospel is true and everyday I find an even greater reason to live it. I have definitely gained a testimony of being positive and following the promptings of the Spirit. Its crazy how much brighter the days seem when youre happy and how clear the way is when youre doing what the Lord would have you do. This church is true.
I have also learned a lot about the BoM, especially since we had a great training on it in MLC and I taught about it in ZC.
It is true. It is meant for us today. There is so much to learn from it! Our conversion must run through the Book of Mormon. Without it we have nothing.
President gave us a mandate to live by. He said that we must not go another day without reading from the Book of Mormon. I challenge you to live by that same mandate.
I love y’all so much! Be amazing!
Have a great week!
Sister Jeppson

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