June 29th 2015

Howdy familia!

So tomorrow is transfers, and today is Sister Petersons freak out and
pack day. We will get a call tonight specifying the training details
(that is if I am training, which I am assuming because the APs have
been showing everyone BUT me the transfer sheets) Those silly elders
are being difficult. But I basically know I’m training because of what
others have told me. So yay!!!
This week was really good. Full of a lot of activities and get
togethers. Monday we went bowling with some of the YSAers. Im a bit
rusty haha.
Then we went and played volleyball for FHE and Brandon, a non member
who goes to a lot of the activities, came up to us and asked us to
teach him!!! It was interesting playing volleyball in a skirt.
Then tuesday we had a couple lessons and went to see a few less active
members. We met with Ben, who is golden… but we did a transition
lesson for the elders. So he’s all theirs. We have been doing a lot of
family history with people again this week. Wednesday we mucked stalls
for service at the horse ranch. It was hard stinky work. Thursday we
did our planning for next week and prepared for the new sister. We got
a few referrals from other missionaries that day as some of their
investigators wanted to go to the YSA ward. Thats one nice thing about
being in YSA, you just get people all the time to teach. So there is a
lot of opportunities to practice our teaching. We had an awesome
district meeting friday. A member came and talked about member
commitments. She brought donuts that got devoured in seconds by the
elders. We then did family history with some of the stake people. Its
the best starting with blank slates when it comes to family history.
Thats why I love helping non member and recent converts. Our family
history seems a little daunting since so much has been done.
This whole weekend people have been eating Sister Peterson up since
she is leaving soon. Theyve taken us out to dinner in big groups and
have been taking us fun places. We went to Blue Mug Cafe. Do they have
any of those in Utah? They are amazing!
We went to the mission presidents fireside last night in Katy. It was
cool because a lot of the people from Bridgeland were there. I got to
see all the Olarte boys:) Brother Brown was there and Bishop. There
were a couple families as well. It was so good to see them!
One of the ladies that spoke (one of those big deal recent converts)is
someone who I knocked into!!! She doesnt remember me but Maughan and I
knocked on her door and the next week I got transfered.
We are fishing this morning and prepping for transfers and the week. I
just got a call that Im going to chill with one of the sisters from
the other zone until thursday when the new sisters come in.
Yall have a good week? Kaleb enjoying his kayak? Jade, swamped with
all her sports and extra stuff?
Thanks for all you guys do! For all the support and all the prayers. I
hope you have a great week:)


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