A letter from a survivor June 22nd 2015

We survived Tropical Storm Bill. Who was a big lazy man that only
brought a couple rain storms where we are. It was very anti climatic.
We were hoping for flooding and stuff. But it is a big blessing we
didnt have any problems. We’ve heard stories from members that it was
pretty bad downtown and in other cities further south.
The rain here is so intense though. Its the scariest rain I’ve ever
seen. Effects from a tropical storm bring a lot of winds too, and the
sky gets all greyish green and I felt like I was almost in the Wizard
of Oz or something. Driving can be quite fun through all the puddles.
It’s been a great week. We had a good Pday last week prepping for a
storm that never happened. We also played a little ultimate frisbee
with the elders in the district. We are the only sisters 😦 I’m glad I
get to work with the neighboring zone so we can be around other
Fun fact, I’m probably going to be training this next transfer. Not
sure if I mentioned this already, but there are about 15 english
sisters in the mission, who aren’t already training, and then there
are 8 new ones coming in. The chances are pretty high! Ha we’ll see
though. Most people don’t train in YSA wards just because the culture
is a little different and the work can be hard with people your own
age. You gotta be a pretty solid missionary to be put in an area like
this. So why am I here? ha jk.
Tuesday was one of the biggest stormy days. We had a few lessons that
got cut short because of things closing up and people being a bit
afraid to go out and drive in it. We signed one of our investigators,
Ken, up for family history and got the basics plugged in, and then the
place we were at was closing up so they kicked us out. But it was good
to get him started. He loved it and got all excited. That evening we
got an awesome referral from a less active member. She started dating
a guy and said she wants to come back and the guy is interested in
learning more. He is very hippie and I was surprised at how much truth
he already knew and had sought out throughout his life. We were trying
our best to ask inspired questions and each time he touched strongly
upon a point of doctrine that coincided with the lesson. He accepted a
soft commitment to be baptized. We are excited to be working with him,
he seems solid. Later this week we met with him again and talked about
the Plan of Salvation. We had met at the church and so we did a church
tour for him. He thought it was cool. We hope he will get off work to
be able to come to church this next week.
Tues evening we also met with Ben. We taught the gospel of Jesus
Christ. We did a mini exchange for the lesson so it was me and sister
Renturia. At the end he asked us when his baptism was and what he can
do to be ready for it. He is so solid. (Yesterday at church, Sister
Peterson looked over at him and pointed to Johnny who is a member that
has been fellowshipping Ben, then acted out baptism. Ben got the hint
so he tapped on Johnny’s shoulder and asked him if he could be the one
to baptize him, Johnny said yes! Ben is golden. His date is for July
Sadly we will probably have to pass Ben off. Things are getting a
little ‘weird’ so we are going to have the elders teach him the last
couple lessons before his baptism. It gets a little interesting
teaching guys your own age. They get certain feelings mixed up with
the Spirit, and it can get a bit awkward when they tell you they like
you or your companion.
We are kind of on a family history streak. We had a lesson with
another investigator Matt and then had a family history consultant,
Sister Ullman joined us to get him signed up. He is obsessed! I think
of Grandma Jeppson who talks about how she has an addiction, it being
family history. Matt is now the same way. He texts us all the time of
all the cool things that he is finding. We have been struggling to get
him to commit to a lot of things and we are trying our best to
encourage and point him towards the truth. He has yet to accept it but
I hope family history will be one of his stronger conversion
experiences. The spirit that can be felt when doing family history is
We went fishing this morning and I caught about 7 fish! Two catfish
and a couple of the blue fish thingys. And I got to play with a
snapping turtle. Part of its face was missing!
We did exchanges also this week. It was fun to be with Sister
Ita’aehau from Tonga and Sister Blanchard who leaves for Brisbane in a
week. They are super cute and seeing so much success!
Anyways. Its been a busy and full week!
I love you guys and hope you have a great week!
Sister Jeppson


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