June 15th 2015


Yay! The Potter kids will be baptized this saturday, and their dad gets to baptize them! How special for Father’s day! They are darling and super excited.
This last week was great! It was mostly sunny and rain free except the past couple days.
Monday was good, we went to FHE for the singles ward. I’m STILL getting to know people. The ward is huge with all the summer people.
Tuesday we went to campus to try to set up institute as a new club. They have a patch of grass called the free speech zone, so we can proselyte there. We passed out flyers trying to promote institute (LDSSA). We then saw a lot of people in the Glenloch ward that we were requested to visit. It was also one of the recent converts birthdays in the ward so we were invited to dinner with her and her family. Her parents were there, and a sister, and they are non members. At first they wondered why we were invited, but then they grew to love us. I hope that got a foot in the door for her parents. They only had good things to say about the church at the end. We also saw Ben. We talked about the Plan of Salvation. He is just eating up all the lessons and loves it. He made us a gift from his work. He works with a lot of the machines for oil companies and so he welds stuff. He made us a little metal cross he welded together. It was sweet of him!
Wednesday we worked at the horse ranch and swept a very long road. It had dirt everywhere and debri from the flooding. I got a couple blisters. I haven’t done work like that in a while! I’ve got soft hands! We saw a couple of our investigators and had incredible lessons. There is one we are working with who is cruising through the Book of Mormon. And the crazy thing is, he can recite back to us every single detail he is reading. It is incredible! He pulls out all these parallels to the Bible and talks about the cool things he is learning from it. We are impressed.
Thursday morning we went to the peanut butter factory. We made 60,000 jars that were sent to San Antonio and Houston to the flood victims. It was awesome! The guy that is the man volunteer there is in our Glenloch ward and he wanted us to go. I think I’ve been 5 times now. I love it! We got to talk with people from cool oil companies. We did our planning for a good chunk of the day and had a couple lessons that evening.
Friday we did a district breakfast. I made waffles and the elders made bacon and eggs. It was quite fun! We did family history for a little while. Then we had a few lessons that evening.
Saturday we had back to back lessons at the church. It’s kind of the central location to meet, and we’re teaching a lot of guys so it’s easier for members to join us there. A member took us to a Thai place for lunch. So good!
Sunday was long but church was good. The Potter’s had their baptismal interview. We had the temple tour in the evening. Ben and Matt came. It was great! So we got out of having to speak this Sunday and one of the elders got picked instead. We thought we were so sneaky, and then one of the bishopric members came up to me and asked me to speak at the end of July… I didn’t escape it! Haha jk, but the topic is going to be on pioneers for pioneer day.
It was a great week!
Sister Jeppson

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