June 1st 2015

Well hey!

This week has been great! It started off well going to the zoo! Then we had our mission conference and received some training for ipads. Then after we got to email for a while and then we went on an exchange with the other sisters in our area. They are in a trio so I went with Sister Bates and Blanchard and Sister Peterson stayed in our area with Sister ‘Ita’ehau. It was fun! I got to meet a couple people they are working with and do some finding with them. We got to know each other better, not that I don’t know Sister Bates well… She’s my baby:) But Sister Blanchard is actually awaiting her visa for Brisbane, Australia! Cool! I told her how my bestie, Carly served there. She got all excited.
We exchanged back halfway into the next day and then proceeded about appointments and finding and missionary stuff. It’s crazy how much driving we have to do because our area is so big. It’s like slow motion between appointments, and then suddenly our day is over. I’m just used to being so quick and seeing so many people in ponderosa, that it feels a bit slow here. But we are working hard! We have a couple people preparing for baptism this next week.
We did a Blitz for the sisters this weekend. It’s where we go and help them with their finding efforts, all three of us missionaries went to find in their area to build up their teaching pool. It was fun and I got to go on a mini exchange with one of them. We were sent to go work in the semi country so we knocked on trailer’s doors. We only got to talk to like 6 people. One was semi interested. Their area is kinda cool. It’s part of The Woodlands and part of the country of Conroe. Lots of fun!
Church is still long. It’s kind of cool to hear the same lessons twice though because you hear it tailored to families first, and its a bit more vague and applicable. And then for the YSA’s it’s so detailed and doctrinal because everyone is practically RM’s and there are always jokes about dating a marriage. I just love this YSA ward!
Today we are going fishing! Hope to catch something fun! Maybe an armadillo! 😉
Love you guys! Hope you have a great week!
Sister Jeppson

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