May 26th 2015

You guys are not going to believe all that has happened this week. Too much to write! I wish you were all here to experience and learn all that I have this week!

First things first. I’m in the Glenloch family ward and also the Sam Houston 1st YSA ward which covers 1/3 of the mission. YSA!!!! It’s weird because all they talk about to us missionaries is dating and marriage. They think we’re counselors or something… who’d think the missionaries would be the source of advice. We just listen and then ask about their missionary efforts haha. So yeah, I’m covering two wards… Its interesting because sundays are LONG.
There is just a lot of adjusting. Sister Peterson is my new comp. She’s awesome. She goes home in 6 weeks. So I’m just killing off a lot of missionaries, no biggy.
For the first couple days we were in a trio while one of the sisters was waiting for her new trainee. Then we split off. We are the only sisters in our zone here but I’ve been asked to help cover another zone as an STL and do exchanges with sisters there. We are going on our first today. I’m nervous. But the sisters are awesome. Sister Bates is one of the sisters we will exchange with. So it’ll be good to work with her again.
We have some awesome families and gators (investigators). We did a church tour for one and all came to church. There is so much going on here! We do a lot of service as well. We went to a nursing home for a while and did visits. Then we go to a horse ranch and help scoop poop or walk horses with the special needs children. We helped move a lot of bailed hay as well. One elder was dared to eat a maggot, and he did it! They think they’re tough stuff.
We had a day where we talked to 70 people. We just went finding like all day. We passed out 6 BoM’s and had a couple new gators. I’m saying it over and over, but there is so much work to do here!
We went to the zoo yesterday for Pday. So fun! I got a lot of pictures of the cool animals. The Houston zoo is huge! We were there for about 5 hours and we only got to see about a third of the zoo. Sad day! But it was so worth it. They have such crazy animals there! An albino alligator with blue eyes. One of the rarest.
Today we got trained for the ipads by Elder Nielson of the 70. It was so good. We will be getting them soon and slowly phasing into being facebook missionaries and bloggers. It’s going to be so nice to have the gospel library at our finger tips. Man. There has been so much happening in the mission! Sister Maughan, an old comp of mine who has gone home already was visiting. We got to see her after the conference before coming here to email. She was wearing pants and is dating a guy. WEIRD.
The storms here have been super intense! We’ve had a couple tornado warnings and then for 12 hours it was lightning and thundering. NON STOP. It was waking us up all night. The flooding was intense and a few missionaries in the mission got stuck because the roads were so flooded. CRAZY! We are being safe and stocking up on our missionary “food storage”. I really want to preach the gospel from a canoe down the streets of Houston. We’ll see if that day comes..:)
I feel like I’m forgetting something..
Things are just so great. I think I’m going to be in this area for the rest of my mission. YSA wards prep you for home, I hear. Oh, the APs are in my zone. So I’m going to have to teach them at Zone Meeting. How awkward is that going to be! Anyways. Life is great! The sun is shinning today and I’m just loving being a missionary!
This church is true and it’s been so great to be able to serve the people here. It’s fun to see the fire of the gospel in such young people. I just feel so connected to the YSAers.
Love you all! Have a great week!
Sister Jeppson

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