May 18th 2015


We got the call last night…..

I’m being transferred! Who knows what is going to happen to ponderosa.:( I hope they put two new sisters in. This ward needs it! We’ve had a full week of visiting members and investigators doing our last lessons with them and saying goodbye. I’ve gotten a million pictures with families we’re working with. It’s been so hard to say goodbye to many of them. I can’t believe I’m actually being moved. I have no idea where or with whom. We find out tomorrow morning.

ALSO. Big news. Hold onto your seats… IPADS ARE HERE. What!? I think I died and went to paradise. And it’s no joke this time. There are sitting in Presidents office. We get to do family history now with our investigators! And we have a mobilized area book! It’s such a blessing. We are going to be trained on them in a week. We have a couple little trainings and tests we have to do in order to get them. And a little bit of a purchase. It’s such a blessing, especially for my finger which seems to have a mountain-like bump from my pens when writing all our forms and things.

We had a temple tour yesterday and a part member family came with some members. Our group for the tour got a bit contentious with a young man asking some directed questions to the poor sister who was doing the tour. I felt so bad for her and stepped up to tell them we would answer any long questions after the tour. He clearly didn’t understand apostasy. The zone leaders and sister training leaders are asked last minute to do the tours. What if I have to do one?! Yikes! It’s a 5 page thing we have to study and practically memorize the night before. Eeeek.

We had a cool miracle. This week has been a kinda tough week as Sister Davis has prepared to go home and I wondered about transfers and if I’d be here and how things with certain investigators would work out. I was having a ‘bad day’ and really didn’t want to go finding. We had an awkward half hour between appointments and so I pushed aside my bad attitude and said we had to find. I really really didn’t want to. Once we got knocking and talking to people, my attitude changed. We had good contacts. The last door was incredible. We watched the #BHL with a guy named Fernando and then tied in the Book of Mormon. He said he had received one from a co-worker and never opened it to read. We did a brief restoration with the pictures and he was shocked. He kept saying how incredible this was and how he was interested in learning more. I happened to have put a spanish BoM in my bag, which he needed to better understand when reading. Everything was awesome. His reaction was probably the most excited I’ve ever seen someone when learning about the Book of Mormon with just a brief overview. With us leaving, we gave his information to the hermanas. I know that there is a power in the Book of Mormon and that with just a simple and clear invite, prepared people will be open and excited to learn more.

I ate craw-fish for the first time this week. That was interesting. Mom, Shelia sent you a picture.

It has been a great week full of wonderful visits to wonderful people. I will miss them all so much!

Ponderosa is the best!

I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Sister Jeppson


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