April 27th 2015


Somos missioneras de la iglesia de Jesucristo de los santos de los ultimos dias!
I’ve been able to practice my spanish a little. When I tell people, Yo se un pocito espanol, they then ramble off in the fastest spanish I’ve ever heard and I just stare at them. Then they realize I have no idea what they are saying. Then I hand them a spanish card and tell them the Hermanas would love to visit. Then we say Adios and leave.
I really need to practice some phrases or something.
I saw Sister Bates at the mission presidents fireside last night and she has an hermana as her companion! What?! That never happens. They are half spanish and half english. She is trying to pick up on her spanish. She thinks she may switch over to being spanish speaking. Cool! She is doing well. She had two investigators from Kenya that speak mostly Swahili there. They speak little english.
We got dropped by Natasha this week:( She is very socially involved in her church and I think she didn’t want to pull away from that. We think down the road she will get more involved in the church. We are still going to bother her. Persistence is key:) In a loving way of course.
We got in with Candice and her daughter Ivvy this week and had an amazing first lesson. It was powerful and now they are reading the Book of Mormon every night together. We think things are going to progress quickly with them. We think their baptism will be in mid May. But we’re only on the first lesson so we will see how often we can meet with them.
We are doing lots of finding and are having many opportunities to teach brief restoration lessons or highlights about the Book of Mormon. We contact a lot with the #BecauseHeLives video. People love it.
We have enjoyed being on bikes and the members are getting a kick out of it. Especially since its been super humid, so either raining or blasted hot. They’ll comment that they see us riding around. It’s a great ice breaker when talking to non members. They pity us and so they’ll talk to us. I just love it! Maybe I’m weird, or sick of being in a car:)
Shelia and Jasmine just moved into a new apartment across the street from us. Shelia wanted to down size since Jasmine leaves for UVU in June. If you ever can, you should totally have Jasmine over for dinner or something. Or at least meet her. She is awesome. And she’s my black twin. She’s only been to Utah once and could use a tour of Salt Lake or something. Just ideas:)
Uh, I’m trying to remember what we’ve done this week. Time is just a blur. We’ve had a lot of random lessons with people in the ward. We are visiting with Sister Activille who is working on getting to the temple this summer. Her husband isn’t a member and we are trying to work with him. He apparently studied with missionaries before his wife ever found the church and he just barely told her this week that he’s read the Book of Mormon. She was so shocked and surprised. I think she’s excited to get him more involved. We’ve been inviting him to church and hope there is something there:)
We’ve had a couple opportunities to do chalk Plan of Salvations for kids at parks or apartment complex’s. They love it, well at least being able to play with the chalk.
We stopped in at a members house and Blair who just recently got baptized, whos 8, had her friend over. We shared a message about the BoM with them, and Callie, the friend, asked lots of questions. We gave her a BoM and she said she’d love to read it. Blair got really excited that she now has a little friend to share the gospel with. They brought Callie to church sunday and Callie just loved it. I really believe that sharing the gospel with people really solves our problems in an indirect way. I can see this really blessing Blairs family as they are going through a lot right now. Missionary work makes us spiritually responsible for our own knowledge and the strength of our testimonies because we have to have a firm testimony in order to share it and be confident in it. It also motivates one to be more in the scriptures as their friends learn, in order to be prepared to answer questions. Missionary work is the best:)
I’m grateful for this gospel and my part in sharing it. I love it! The church is true and is such a blessing.
Love you all! Have a great week!
Sister Jeppson
PS I almost died yesterday when a member told me how close mothers day is. It’s like right around the corner! Eeek! That means I get to see all your lovely faces! I have lost track of time and sometimes forget it’s still not February…. awkward..:)100_8103[1]

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