April 20th 2015


I’m going to keep it brief.
Been a bit sick all weekend with the flu and Sister Davis really wanted to email today so I’ve been dragged here. I’m getting better but not all the way better yet.
The beginning of the week was awesome. We had some amazing lessons with investigators and have been seeing a lot of positive changes in our area. We have a couple “gold nuggets” as dad puts it, and are really trying to get them to come to church. They’ve accepted baptismal commitments after the first lesson. Natasha is one of my favorites. We had met her at the door and shared #BHL with her. She welcomed us back. We got in with her, and at the beginning of the lesson, she told us she just got baptized in her church the day before. YIKES. We still taught the restoration to her and really emphasized on the priesthood. The Spirit was so strong. By the end when we invited her to be baptized by the priesthood authority, she said YES!!! Now, since I’ve been sick, we haven’t gotten back in with her and I don’t think she understood that she no longer needs to go to her church but that ours is the fullness of the gospel, but we will cover that when we go back this next week. She is awesome.
We also went biking this week! We went between 6-8pm and rode around neighborhoods. We found tons of people! It’s so nice. You just target the people out and about, which is a lot. They are just often spaced pretty far away so it’s nice to have bikes to minimize the time between people. A few thought we were crazy to be on bikes in skirts, and a few kids commented that we looked funny, but it gave people more the reason to come and talk to us. The weather hasn’t been in our favor lately and niether has my health. But we’re excited to be able to do that more. I like bikes. I hope I just don’t get put in an area that is solely biking for the summer.
There have been a lot of thunder storms. THEY ARE SO COOL HERE.
Anyways. Have a great week!
Sister Jeppson

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