April 13th 2015


This week has been awesome! We have had so many awesome lessons and contacts!
We watched the #BecauseHeLives video with people 15 times this week! Crazy! That is the best way to get people to listen. We tell them that we have a cool video to show them and who doesn’t like to show off their phones and watch an inspirational video? People are impressed with how deep it is in just a 2 min span of time. We have been trying to practice the best ways to connect the video to the gospel. I find it easiest to connect it to the restoration lesson. We testify of God’s love, ask them how they have relied on God in their life, and then tell them an amazing story about a man who relied on God to receive an answer to his question. Most people here are very confident in their knowledge of the Bible so we try to make them feel good about their commitment and faith to their church (since everyone seems to be very involved in a church) and then show them how there is more. Another witness of Jesus Christ. People also get a bit antsy and defensive when something new gets brought up, and Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon can seem threatening to them. So we make sure that they know that they are the ones that can know for themselves, test out Moroni’s challenge to receive their own personal answer. That yes, it is unique to their current faith and beliefs, but try to help them see the logic behind the need for a prophet and that God still speaks to us today. These opportunities to share brief powerful testimonies of the restoration have really strengthened my testimony of Joseph Smith.
I think for most of my life my testimony of Joseph Smith stemmed from my testimony of the Book of Mormon. Since the Book was true, he must have been a prophet. But I have felt such a confirming witness that has built upon my individual and singular testimony of Joseph Smith as I have had the opportunity to testify and witness others testimonys sprout and grow about Joseph Smith. The gospel makes sense. The church has been restored and is led by a prophet. I think the thought of there not being a prophet today is absurd. God doesn’t change. His Church doesn’t change according to time or trend. I am so grateful for the opportunity to share this with others.
We also had an awesome experience of taking Joel to the temple tours they have started doing. The AP’s and some ZL’s take about a 30 or 40 min tour around the temple and teach mini restoration and plan of salvation lessons to explain the need for and ordinances of the temples. It was perfect as we had just previously taught Joel about family history and baptisms for the dead. He is the most “on track” for baptism at this time. We hope he will be baptized this transfer!
Kerri and Daniel are doing well. There isn’t really any progress towards marriage. But Kerri is pretty much a member, just unbaptized. I hope that I will be here when they are able to get baptized.
Sister Romo, the one that made the quilt for me, is in the hospital. Her health is declining. Please keep her in your prayers. We went and read to her. We read the parable of the pushups (look it up if you haven’t heard of it) and she fell asleep as we read it to her. She is so sweet.
We are going to be getting old bikes from previous missionaries to ride around neighborhoods with now that the weather is better (besides it being typhoon season). We hope that will help us be more out there to talk with people. It’s quicker and also easier to stop and talk with people.
It’s going to be a great next week!
I hope you guys are doing well, have an awesome week!
Plan of Salvation with chalk. The best thing to do if there are a lot of kids out. People can then ask questions as we draw and talk about it.  100_8092 (1)100_8093100_8091

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