March 31st 2015

I’ve had a wonderful past couple of days! We are working hard and are trying to build up our area.We’ve had a lot of cool experiences.

Like Monday-we just did tracting from 6-8:30 pm in one of the neighborhoods-and almost every single person was home! That doesn’t happen very often. We ran into quite a few people who knew members and had a lot of good conversations. Not much came from it but it was quite nice and positive.

I’ve also been trying to be more brave and talk to everyone I see, and trying to naturally bring up the gospel. If we take interest in them for awhile, they usually stop talking and start asking us what we’re doing. It’s cool how it doesn’t have to be awkward, haha. I feel like a robot sometimes sharing practically the same message over and over again so I’m trying my best to be natural and unique.

We did finding this morning in a very wealthy part of town. Houses (cough* mansions) were spread pretty far apart so it was nice to be out in the spring weather and walk from house to house. People were polite, but sadly too comfortable.

We usually stick to apartment finding or humbler neighborhoods. But everyone needs the gospel!

We found two new investigators today while at an apartment complex. Both just moved in and are looking for a church. We shared #BecauseHeLives with them. We are going back to see one tonight when her husband gets off work. It’s been a cool day. A man from Dallas was at chik-fil-a when we were getting lunch and he paid for our meal, how sweet! He was a member, it was very kind of him.

I’ve been learning a lot about prayer and receiving personal revelation. I’ve been wanting to understand God’s will for this area, these people, and for my mission in general. It’s weighed heavily upon my mind and I’ve thought a lot about it. I think I’ve become a bit comfortable in my “routine” that I am not seeking the Lord as much for the work. i had a lot of cool experiences with asking specific questions before the women’s conference and fast Sunday, with which I got specific answers. One testimony that I though was just for me was by the last “Brother that got up. He said,”this week my wife and I have been trying to figure a few things out and have been turning to the Lord for answers,” They both felt things had been silent for awhile, or wondered if they hadn’t recognized the answer. “One day my wife asked me in desperation, ‘Whey can’t God just answer my prayer with a clear cut answer?'” I wondered the same thing. Why can’t it just be obvious? He said he was like,”Honey, that’s a good question,why don’t you ask God that?” We all laughed.

I’ve come to learn we can’t just expect god to hand us everything on a silver platter. We have to Act and Work for answers. Often our answers are found in the scriptures, conference, other people. Sometimes it’s you just getting up and deciding to do something and being alert and eager for a confirmation of the spirit to tell you if these things are true or right. If it’s not, you’ll be re-directed.

I’ve felt very humbled as I’ve tried to better understand god’s will. It’s been very rewarding.I’m so grateful for this opportunity I have to learn in such a great environment. Being a missionary really helps me to focus on developing those spiritual gifts and Christ-like attributes in ways I don’t think I could otherwise. It’s a privilege and I am so grateful for it.

I am loving seeing peoples lives change and become familiar with the gospel again. it amazes me how it really does tug on a familiar cord in our Spirits. Every son and daughter of God can be reminded of their Divine nature and it’s amazing to watch them recognize it. Something about this gospel rings a cord of truth within us all. It’s kind of like walking into your childhood home, the familiar scents and scenery.

So much good is happening! The Lord’s work in hastening!

God bless

-Sister Jeppson


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