April 5th 2015


This week has been great and we have been working hard! It is SO HOT. I’m getting tan lines already… Awkward missionary tan line. shoes, skirt lines..

I feel like a fish with how much water I’m drinking! Haha

We have had some awesome lessons with Joel and also with Kerri. They are progressing well. Kerri even came with us to a lesson and she isn’t even baptized yet!! She is helping to fellowship a LA as well. She is so ready! Her and I are a lot alike. We were talking about personalities and Sister Davis and I were sharing things we learned as companions on how to work together better and Kerri goes, “Sister Jeppson, you and I are the SAME! Sister Davis, you are too much like Daniel (her boyfriend).” It made us laugh:)

We have been taking recent converts to lessons as well and have had lots of wonderful and touching experiences.

So the adventures of this week: We went to the 7th day adventist church that we had offered service to 2 months ago just to see if there is anything else that we can do to help. We planned to catch them at the tail end of their service. When we got in they were closing with a song and prayer, so we sat in. Then the pastor got up and announced that it was one of the three times during the year they partake of communion, they pushed us to join them. (it’s a small congregation of about 10 or 15 people). We were hesitant but then I decided it probably would be good, at least out of respect. They wash each other feet first, like Christ did to the disciples, then they partake of bread and wine. I washed another womens feet and then we got our feet washed. Then we had a mini “testimony” meeting (not sure what they call it) and we just listened and smiled. Then they passed out the bread, we both took one- I didnt’ realize I had to wait before eating it.. So I just popped it in my mouth like we usually do.. the pastor stared at me funny for a bit. Then they came around with the wine. Sister Davis took one!!!!! I just said no thank you. She was freaking out and didn’t know what to do with it. When they came back with the tray she just set it right back on there…. silly Sister Davis. After communion, we shared the new video #BecauseHeLives. The Pastor shared it and invited the congregation to watch it. Then we left. A lady ran after us and asked us what church we were from. We talked with her and invited her to church. She said she would come sometime! That was cool. Church finding works!:)

Anyways.. lots more. I’ll send a letter!

Sister JeppsonP1020481 P1020480

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