This week has been a great week! We have done lots, taught lots, knocked a bunch of doors, talked to everyone we saw, and have just been having so much fun!
Sister Davis is a funny girl. She keeps me laughing all the time. Usually she is laughing at me…
So we were spoiled this week and went to a steak house. Yum!!! Texans really know how to eat right down here. I just love meat! That’s probably not a good thing… I’ve forced myself to only buy veggies for lunch and stuff. We have a lot of BIG dinners. And the crazy thing is when you accidentally tell two people you can come over for dinner and you find out it’s on the same day… We had two dinners and were very very full.
We have had a lot of great experiences finding. We are practicing teaching while we find and have had a lot of restoration lessons at the door. It’s really helped me to better understand the need for the restoration because we have had to study it a lot so that we can teach it simply and clearly. The great apostasy is so interesting to me and I have been surprised to learn about how the Bible is the walking apostasy. Most of the New Testament is the apostles teaching and admonishing the people for their lack of obedience and need to repent. It surprises me that so many of these people here who claim to know, read, and understand the Bible really don’t recognize it’s history or the context… anyways. I could go on forever about the cool things I’ve learned… But the fact of the matter is that there was a need for the restoration. And the huge blessing the Book of Mormon is for us to learn from and to live. I am so grateful that Joseph Smith inquired of the Lord. And I know that we can too, to come to know truth.
We had a chance to go work at the peanut butter factory again. That was fun. It was a successful run and we got to talk to a lot of non members from Chevron who came to volunteer. They asked us lots of questions about who we were and what we did.
We also went to the Buddhist temple as a district and watched the monks and people there pray. It was very interesting. Our district leader used to be in our area and taught one of the monks for a while. We got to go in their temple. And we ate weird things. I don’t think they were common foods you find in Houston. It was very cool.
It has been a great week! I’m so excited for conference!
Sister Jeppson
PS-killed a cockroach
Watched about 15 vultures eat a dead dear…
Found a bottle with Terries last name 😦

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