March 9th 2015


This week has been a wonderful week! We have seen so many miracles and I can’t believe how merciful the Lord has been to us. We truly have been led to so many people this week and our teaching pool has quadrupled! Perhaps I will see another baptism before I leave Ponderosa! If not, I feel confident that I am leaving this are better than I found it, and what a great feeling that is!
Talking to everyone you see is SO important. I don’t think I’ve truly understood that until up to this point. The Lord has put people into our path. We do a lot of following up with people we tract into and often times it can be a fruitless activity. I would hate following up. But now I love it! Because even if someone is not home when we follow up, there are plenty of people around us and the Lord will provide an opportunity to share the gospel wherever we are.
I feel an added strength in the work. It’s like a boost of energy. A bigger desire to work and work hard. I think a lot of it comes from the other side of the veil. There are those who are leading their family members to the gospel.
Terrie Ortega (one of our investigators) passed away this week. She had gone through so much with the miscarriage and cancer that I think it was too physically demanding for her body. I know that she is in the Spirit world and I hope that in a year she will be able to be baptized. Perhaps I can do that for her.
We are seeing a lot of success with the members missionary work. Sister Tingey had invited her neighbor Rachetta to church because she was speaking in sacrament meeting. Rachetta has had very negative views of ‘mormons’. But her daughter begged her to come. They came. And she stayed for all three hours and was shocked by how wonderful and awesome church was. We had amazing talks and lessons and she felt the spirit so strong. She commented in RS and bore her testimony and told her story. She has really inspired other women in the RS to participate more in the Lord’s work. Two women, Kerri and Rachetta, weren’t people you would normally categorize as “potential mormons”. We need to stop looking for those who seem like they’d make good mormons and begin looking for those who are thirsting for truth, thirsting for more. Their lives have and will be changed for the better and it’s so amazing to see that “repentance” process or change in these peoples lives. How inspiring they are!
So much wonderful things are happening. Thanks for all the prayers and support!
Love you all,
Sister Jeppson

One thought on “March 9th 2015

  1. we will always have you back in Bridgeland Ward. Amazing progress with Dwight Porte this past week. Sickness brought a realization of the passing of time, and he and Icklynn were at church on Sunday.

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