March 2nd 2015

Well hey!

This week has been amazing!!! We had transfers, as you all know, and I am in Ponderosa with Sister Davis!!! She is awesome, a seasoned missionary from Seattle WA. Her and I had done quite a few exchanges in the past when we were in the Cypress Zone together. It’s been great to work with her and we have seen so many miracles!
We just hit the ground running. We have found many families and we just can’t wait to get back in with them and help them to continue to see how this gospel can bless their families. We are doing lots of finding and I think I have gotten rid of any and every fear of talking to people. The amazing thing we’ve seen is the ability we’ve had to talk to everyone we see. I know the Lord puts people in our path for a reason and most everyone we talked to were interested in learning more. We’re stocking up on Spanish referrals. We hope the hermanas and elders appreciate our efforts;) I’m learning more spanish in the process.
I’ve actually worked on memorizing the Spanish articles of faith. I’ve got number one down, haha.
We were able to help Terrie O pack up and get things in a truck this week. We were able to spend quality time with her and her husband, which has never happened before, and we helped her husband understand who we are and what we do. He is showing interest!!! It’s been great to see the growth in Terrie. She is almost finished with the BoM. Ether 7 is where she is at right now. SO AWESOME! We sadly have to give her to the elders since she is barely out of our area. I hope they take care of her!
Kerri and her son Abel, still not yet baptized due to marriage, went up and bore their testimonies yesterday. She is so ready. She is practically a member of the ward. She’s been attending since October. The ward here loves her.
We’ve gotten in with a lot of people whom we hadn’t been able to for a long while, so it’s been great to see the area picking up and see lots of success.
I’ve been happier than I think that I have ever been so far in my mission. It has been so good to just be lost in this work. I can’t express how much joy I’ve had as we have been able to introduce people to the gospel. When you see it click with people, when you see them react to the power of the Spirit that touches their hearts, when you see them act to change their life; it is so rewarding. I just love this work. I want to be a missionary forever!
I have been learning so much. There is so much richness and depth in this gospel. And I can’t believe how blessed we are to have the scriptures, specifically the Book of Mormon which contains so many precious truths that brings us closer to our Savior and closer to God. I know that the Book of Mormon is true. I am surprised at the reality of its power. I am also more aware of the need to be in it every single day. Daily scripture study is so important.
I know this gospel is true and just love being able to be a part of the effort to bring it unto all the world!
Sister Jeppson

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