February 16th 2015

This week has been great! Lot’s of learning experiences, both through training and then just plain experience. We had Zone conference this week. It was great! President took us through the Gospel of Jesus Christ in depth and we got to practice teaching it to start applying some techniques and questions. It was a bit rough, but that’s what roleplays are for. to work out the rough spots.
We have had a lot of time to find. The area is sort of in a transition so we are building up our teaching pool. Not many promising investigators yet, but we’ve had a lot of fun chances to teach while we find. That has been my goal. Instead of introducing ourselves and then asking for a return appointment, why not just teach them at the door!? Many people have gained a great respect and understanding of our beliefs when we do that. We have changed many people’s minds (and hopefully hearts) about our message through clarifying the Book of Mormon and Restoration with them.
We also did exchanges this week. I went with Sister Neidert to Cypress Creek’s ward and we found 5 new investigators in a span of 2 hours. WHOAH. That is not an everyday occurrence. We found a couple families and I am excited to hear how things go with them.
This is week 6 of the transfer. The last one. Sister Bates and I are a bit anxious for the call this coming sunday night. Things are changing throughout the mission and areas are being complied and consolidated. There is going to be a change for bilingual areas, meaning the chances are pretty high that I may be able to cover both a spanish and english area. We will also be covering more than one area probably, from here on out. Since the number of sisters are declining. Things will get busy!!!!
Some fun experiences of the week:
Dinner with the Taylor family (nonmembers, just nice people we tracted into that invited us over for dinner. Catholic) “Thanks for having us over!” “No problem, we are catholic so don’t see a need to convert to mormonism but we have a lot of questions for you.” “Okay! Can we share a brief message with you first and then answer any questions after?” “Sure” *shared restoration briefly, then questions. 2 HOURS LATER. “We may consider this mormon thing”
It was cool to see their minds broaden and the desire grow to consider our message. They think that either the Catholics are right or the Mormons. Because most all other Christian religious are break off’s of the catholic church.
First real experience of street contacting. We did a blitz in melbourne which is right by down town. Lot’s of people were out and about saturday and we just walked up and down a jogging trail and got to practice straight up contacting. We jogged after a few people and told everyone that we just loved their dogs and thought they were the cutest. I actually liked it even though people thought we were really weird.
OH. NEWS. We got these black Tiwi boxes installed in our cars that monitor EVERYTHING. So I am no longer a Houston driver but am still subject to the horrible and crazy drivers around me. We actually have to go right on dot with the speed limit. And a scary man voice tells us if we don’t have seat belts on or if we turn too sharp or brake too hard…etc. I think it’s the government wanting to control us….. Just kidding:) It will be very good for the mission now that most elders come out at 18yrs old.
Things are great! I love being a missionary and serving the Lord!
Love y’all!
Sister Jeppson

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