February 2nd 2015

We have had a fun past couple of Pdays. The Blue Bell factory wasn’t all that it was cracked up to be.. But it was cool to say that we went! I got a sweat shirt from there that was on sale. Perfect timing because we have a cold front coming in! One of our members has a membership to the Museum of natrual sciences. We hope to go there soon. I hear its the coolest thing ever. Today we are having a chill Pday. We are going to make sweet and sour chicken again with Jasmine and Shelia. They are in love with that recipe!
This week has been awesome… and full of meetings. We had the 8 week follow up for Sister Bates.. to make sure she is even learning anything. And so I can prove that I am actually training her.. just kidding! We just get to roleplay a lot and make sure that we are helping them the best we can!
We also had zone meeting where, again, we roleplay and receive new instruction and updates on mission policies.
Then we had specialized training from the APs and then interviews. So it was a busy busy week.
AND GUESS WHAT!? We are starting this thing called church tracting. We go to other churches, just like Ammon went to King Lamoni, and tell them that we are there to serve them. WHAT?! So yeah. We are not there to convert them or tell them they’re wrong. But we go and offer service, setting our differences aside and welcoming discussion if it is brought up by them.
SO Sister Bates and I decided to test it out. It was a Saturday so most churches were closed. But we went to a Seventh day Adventist church (Saturday is their Sabbath) and caught the tail end of their service. It was very unique. We kind of got drilled by their pastor. But we insisted we were just there to serve them and help them in any way. He accepted our help and we will probably volunteer with them in the community. It was cool to build relationships with them despite their different faith. We were welcomed back to their services. We are excited to explore and go to more churches. Especially the Buddhist temple that is in our area. We think it will be awesome to serve the monks there.
We also had a cool opportunity to serve a guy out raking his leaves the other day. He reminded me of uncle joe, just african american. He was a little reluctant to let us help him but we didn’t give him time to decide. I just grabbed the rake and bags and started piling them up. We did that for about an hour, in skirts, and he was really impressed. It felt really good to be doing yard work… I think I miss working outside. And we got to have a cool discussion with him.
While we were tracting the other day some people were cutting down a tree in their back yard and BAM ZAP CRACKLE BOOOOM! It fell onto the electric telephone wires and burst into flames. I FREAKED out. We just jumped in the car and drove away. A bunch of the neighbors came out of their houses to figure out what had happened. I’m sure they took care of it..
We have had some cool finding experiences. One night we were in an apartment complex and saw a lady on her porch BBQing. We asked her how her day was going. Then we asked her how religious she is. She said she had a close relationship with God. We told her how awesome that is and started talking about a boy who had a really close relationship to God. All the questions we asked her to get to know her beliefs were right in line with Joseph Smiths story. So we taught her the restoration on her front porch. She loved it and is going to start reading the Book of Mormon. It was cool to see her accept it right then and there! I feel the need to repent because of the lack of teaching right when we find. We usually are just setting up appointments and waiting to teach when we go back.
We got to teach early morning seminary the other morning. That was fun. They are studying the D&C and I think the teacher ran out of creative ways to talk about missionary work, again. So we did role-plays with the freshman. It was really fun!
It has been a really great week full of adventures and hard work. I just love Ponderosa and don’t want to leave! Maybe I’ll be lucky and Sister Bates and I will get another transfer together.. Cross your fingers!
Hope you all have a great week and seek for opportunities to share the gospel with those around you!!!
Sister Jeppson

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