Jan 12th 2015

So I’m staying in Ponderosa for another transfer! Yay! Sister Bates and I are seeing so many miracles and we have been working so so so hard!

Kerri and Daniel are so ready for baptism and they have been taught pretty much all the lessons. We just need to get them married!!! They are going to set a date with us next time we visit, for baptism, leaving a bit of wiggle room for marriage. They are thinking April or May.
Terrie O has been reading and we also have finished her lessons. She is super close and ready for baptism, we are just concerned for her health. Her baptism will most likely be the end of the month or beginning or Feb.
Shelia was confirmed yesterday and it was so special! She is so happy and very much integrated into the ward. We are so happy for her and look forward to monday nights, because that is when she has us over for dinner.
Caitlin, she is a miracle for the week. We have been doing lessons with her and have had some powerful moments with her where the spirit has testified strongly about certain principles. We had an amazing lesson Saturday about prayer and praying to know truth. Ah, then her prayer at the end of the lesson was so beautiful. I was tearing up. She said “Ah Sister Jeppson, you just can’t do that” We laughed and wished her a good night. She came to church Sunday and the lessons and talks were exactly what she needed to hear. They addressed a lot of her personal desires we had talked about and some concerns. I hope she really ponders over the meetings and desires to continue to study from the Book of Mormon. She even participated in Relief Society! She is so willing to learn and grow and it amazes me, her faith and her actions.
We have had some great miracles while finding and tracting. Even though I resent it, I get sucked up into how fun it is to talk with complete strangers about religion. No sarcasm intended. I really am surprised at how I enjoy sharing and talking about the gospel with people once I step out of my comfort zone and really engage in meaningful conversation with people. It no longer seems to be me speaking any way. The Spirit is there and I am grateful for the fact that I am the instrument, and the Spirit does the converting.
We ran into a Do Not Contact this week. That was fun. A little entertaining, and a bit weird. It was a man that the sister had worked with in the past… But that we were discouraged from going over because of his crazy ideas and beliefs. He studies astrology and other strange things about energies and spirits and numbers and dates. He tried doing some of his tests and tried analyzing us based on our birthdays. We just encouraged him to read the Book of Mormon and come to church. We left quickly. The spirit was definitely not there. He had creepy long finger nails and locks hanging from the end of his long braids. His wife was a little interesting too.
We spent the night with the Young Women this week. It was good to get to know them and see how they are doing with their missionary work. A girl in the ward passed out four Book of Mormons the other day! WHOOT! She is going to be a stellar missionary!
Man, I could just keep going, sharing stories about the fun and crazy things we’ve experienced. But I don’t want to bore you much longer.
Sister Jeppson

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