Jan 5th 2015

Sadly, people have to get back into the swing of things. We are looking forward to it so we get a little more consistency with our schedules. People go missing during the holidays, it gets quite tricky.
Its been a good week here! We had a wonderful New Years dinner with a recent convert named Antionette. She is from Africa and so many of the foods we ate didn’t quite look normal. I think I drank some snot from a strange animal. But you know, it didn’t kill me. Just tasted a bit funny and had a strange consistency.
We have had some chilly weather. 40s and 50s. And some rain.
We found a gem this last week. It’s great when we are tracting and we run across less actives or members. We found a less active named Sherrie who expressed a desire to be coming back to church. We got her all the information about it and are excited to see her next week.
We are having a kind of turn over in our teaching pool. Many of the people we are working with are either getting baptized, not progressing, or dropping us… so that leads to more and more finding time! YAY! I have missed tracting and finding. Not that I’m complaining about all the teaching appointments we’ve had, but its nice to get a fresh batch of people. (Is it bad to call it that?:O) Just kidding. But it is nice to meet more new people and help them come to recognize the blessings of the gospel and how they can better their lives and grow closer to God. We’ve been blessed with a few new investigators and hope things turn out.
So fun fact that I want to take a moment and brag about. Terrie has read all the way to Alma. Yeah. She’s pretty awesome and prepared. Perhaps she will finish the whole thing by the time she can get baptized. She is back in the hospital. Things are pretty rough for her.
This week was a bit of a roller-coaster. Sister Bates’ celiac acted up again. We were inside for a couple days. No bueno. We have decided to not have meals with members any more to help eliminate that problem because we can’t afford to stay inside.
Shelia was baptized yesterday!!! We had an adventure trying to get her baptismal clothes. There is a small selection in the buildings so we got to take a field trip to the temple and find her something. It was a special day though. Not flawless but one of the most successful baptisms I’ve been a part of. A majority of the ward was there and a few of our investigators. It was a huge step of faith for her to be baptized and we are so proud of her!
We have seen so many miracles and I can’t believe how blessed we have been here in Ponderosa. I feel as though my time here is winding down. I probably just have one more transfer here and then off I go to some other magical land. Traning has been a blast too. Even though I often feel like a mother, I don’t mind it and would actually prefer training then just having a normal companion. I’m excited to be a real mother and have kids someday. But no worries. That will be in a very long while.
So that’s about it for the week.
Be awesome! HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Sister Jeppson

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