Dec 29th 2014

It was a crazy weekend. We had days packed with back to back lessons. Wonderful talks and lessons at church, and many investigators came to sacrament meeting. Despite the craziness and chaos, it was a very (and probably my most) successful week. We have about 8 people with baptismal dates!!! WHOA! One is getting baptized this Sunday, Shelia. She is a recent converts mother. She is so awesome and we are so excited for her!

Terrie is back in the hospital but on the road to recovery. She is doing very well and we hope to get her all healed up by the end of the month. We’ll see what the doctors say though. She is super bummed she wasn’t able to get baptized on her scheduled date. The adversary really does all that he can. She is such a special and strong Spirit. I can’t believe she has made it through the things she has.
We took President’s wife, Sister Mortensen, and their daughter Sophie to a lesson last night (it was their first time out with missionaries) and we had an awesome lesson! I felt kind of bad because I knew Caitlin has a lot of concerns, and so it probably was a pretty intense lesson for them to come to, but their testimonies were perfect! Exactly what Caitlin needed! Those two women are phenomenal. Such great examples! Perhaps they’ll give President a good word and I’ll get to stay in Ponderosa a bit longer;)
We had a fun Zone activity today(they do these once a transfer, a competition on miles driven, apartment cleanliness, and more things… we won:) no big deal). We went to Huntsville and saw the Sam Houston statue and then we tried a few other places and then played soccer and ultimate frisbee. Most of the sister went antique store shopping in the old town but oh no, I stayed with the Elders and we played! We beat President’s team… hehe.
It was a great day today! I hope this week will be good too.
Stay awesome!
Sister Jeppson

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