Dec 22nd 2014

This week was a good one. We did have a wonderful Christmas party.

We watched a new looking video about Christ’s birth. I’m not sure if you can get it to watch it but it is so good! The wise men are hillarious!!! Probably my favorite characters. It was cool to get the whole mission together. We had 270 of us. It was a bit roasty.
Sister Bates has been sick all week. I think she is just adjusting to missionary life, but she has intense pain. We first thought it was her celiac acting up but we are unsure if that is the case. Poor thing has had to stay in pretty much the whole week. I’ve been going crazy. I can’t stay inside any more. I crave the missionary schedule! I need to go talk to people! I have a feeling I am going to be a freak when I get home…
I am learning a great deal of patience. And how to keep a positive attitude despite my circumstances. I feel like I will be pro with those two things soon. Just kidding! There is just a lot trying our patience at the moment. With investigators too.
SAD NEWS. Terrie’s babies miscarried. She had a flat tire this weekend, tripped over the tire while changing it, and then realized it had killed the babies. She held all three in her hands… I’m sure it was devastating. The RS has jumped right on it and is doing meals daily and trying to help in any way.
I had my fist official run in with a JW. That was interesting. I don’t believe in bible bashing, and it is super hard when they are all up in your face… and I kind of lost it. I wasn’t all crazy or anything but I did raise my voice, stated my point and testimony and then Sister Bates made peace and then we left. The lady was insane. It’s sad to me that they will yell at you and demand all your attention, and then when you try to hold a normal and civil discussion, they cut you off and wont let you say a word. So I forced a few in… I probably was in the wrong there.
We had an amazing powerful first lesson with Rory. He is a really nice young man from some island who told us he was lost spiritually. We addressed that quickly and let him know that no one is lost. Everyone can find peace and be cleansed through Christ. It was amazing. The spirit was so strong. He is going to embrace this gospel wholeheartedly, if only his work schedule was a little more merciful. Perhaps we won’t be the ones to teach or baptize him, but I know he will be baptized someday.
I have scars all up my arms. There is a member who has the cutest kittens and they just love to climb all over us! But their claws are super sharp!!! The only orange one’s name is Cheeto, and the member gave him to our recent convert Jasmine. And her mom Shelia isn’t too happy with having Cheeto climbing all over her… we offered to take him but can’t. Mission rules:( Next Christmas, I may ask Santa for a kitten:)
You are all awesome
Sister Jeppson

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