Dec 8th 2014

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Howdy Y’all!

So this week has been a roller coaster of events. I can’t believe it’s only been a week since I last emailed. SO MUCH has happened!
SO. Monday was great. Pday. Lot’s of packing for Sister Hutchings. AND I got a call from the ZL’s telling me that I am going to be training!!!!!! EEEEEKK!
Tuesday was our “allowed to freak out” day. Sister Hutchings left me in the morning and I was companion-less. So I was thrown into a trio with another set of sisters and we spent the day jumping between Ponderosa and their area. We had a lot of great things happen and we had good miracles. THEN we got a call from the Assistants to the President and they told me that I was supposed to pick up a Sister who was headed home but her flight wasn’t for another day in a half. So we went to the mission home where all the departing missionaries were hanging out and I picked up Sister Bonner and we spent Wednesday together.
Wednesday- Sister Bonner and I just had a normal day and successfully contacted awesome people and had amazing lessons. She is awesome and I found out that I was originally supposed to come out with her. So it was weird to think that if I had left in July, I would be coming home right now. WEIRD. It was a great day and by this time, I had “killed” off two companions. (Sent two home)
Thursday- I dropped Sister Bonner off for her flight and then was companion-less for a couple hours before the new missionaries would arrive. I hung out with the two sisters in a neighboring area for a couple hours and we did studies. Then at 10, we met at a nearby church to meet the new missionaries, receive some training, and get paired up with our new companions. It was so good. I got paired up with Sister Bates! She is from Idaho and is stellar.
Thursday was our first day together and it was a miraculous day! We headed straight for Greens and did some contacting. We talked to 25+ people and invited four people to be baptized and had four new investigators. We received a referral for a lady who wanted a bible, showed up, taught her a powerful restoration lesson and have an appointment with her tonight. Her name is Terri and she is going to set a goal to be baptized, stop smoking, and come to church. AWESOME. GOLDEN.
We saw many miracles.
Friday- We had district meeting with our new DL Elder Croft. He is amazing. We had a very successful roleplay. Then we had many lessons and people to visit. It was a great day and Sister Bates got to meet more people. We visited Terrie O and had a great lesson with her and then had her over for a dinner at a members house.
Saturday- Sister Bates got sick. We spent most of the day inside and I did our weekly planning and got caught up with records. But she got better by the time the ward Christmas party was and we were able to go a little early and teach Terrie O a lesson at the church, and then be there for the party. A lot of members invited friends who came to the party and a whole bunch of less actives were there. It was so great to see them all! So many great things are happening!
Sunday was amazing. Terrie O made it to church and then we had a many others there too. Terrie is super excited for her baptism and we set it for December 31! Kerri was at church as well and really enjoyed herself. We are working closely with both of these ladies and know that baptism is just right around the corner for them!
So that was a layout for our week! More adventures are to come!
I am very humbled by the opportunity to train and know that if I rely on the Lord and humble myself, that I will be able to really grow and learn myself. I hope that I will do my best. Perhaps this will be good because it is kind of like being a mother in a way.
Anyways. Time is too quickly ticking by.
Love you all and hope you are having a wonderful and merry Christmas season!
You are all the best!
Sister Jeppson

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