Dec 19th 2014

Things this week have been great! Last week we had found lots of investigators and this week we taught lots of lessons! We have had great miraculous ones, and then a lot of learning experiences for Sister Bates and I. Training has been wonderful and I feel as though she came pre-trained! She is so confident in what she does and says and isn’t afraid to just jump right into anything!

Terrie is progressing well. She actually might have to move her baptismal date back because she missed this last sunday for church. She was in the hospital, but everything is fine! She is getting bigger, the triplets are growing! She is super funny to teach. When she feels the spirit, she calls it “goose-popper moments”. We just laugh with her! She also made a funny comment the other day. We were talking about how we all go through hard things and that we can sometimes tell when people are going through hard times. Terrie said, “You know when you all go through hard times… well I don’t think Sister Jeppson really does… but Sister Bates…. ” *awkward silence*. *Laughter* She told me I am very balanced and composed and I don’t seem to have anything wrong with me. I just laughed and told her she has no idea.
Funny story. We went to go visit an investigator and their daughter was home and going through a lot. She talked to us for a bit and told us how her friend was really struggling too. We offered to say a prayer with her and asked if she would like to say it. As we were praying and holding hands in a circle, a soft knock came to the door. Then another, then a whole drum line of knocks came while the lady was praying. Finally she stopped praying in the middle of the prayer and yelled, “Girl! Don’t bust up my prayer!” (imagine in an african american accent). She let her in, she was crying, and she then joined our prayer. It was very touching for them both. We didn’t really even know them, but they really felt our love and God’s love for them.
Each of our investigators are doing well and we are seeing a lot of progression and promise with them!
The members are getting a lot more involved too. I think they see the number of baptisms growing and are thirsty to get involved. It’s great because I can see it really help to unify this ward.
Last Saturday I got to go to the O boy’s baptism! Miguel and Gabriel got baptized. It was cool to go back and see everyone in Bridgeland again. I’m pleased with how many times I’ve been able to go back already.
We planted tulips at the temple this morning. That was a lot of fun. A member went with us and her son and we helped make the grounds look beautiful! It was the first time that Sister Bates has seen the temple. We hope to be able to go soon for a session!
This next week we have a Christmas conference. I’m super excited for it!
So much great things are happening! So many miracles!
Sister Jeppson

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