December 1st 2014

DSCF6561 (2) DSCF6586 (1) DSCF6602 (1) DSCF6567 (2) DSCF6563 (1) DSCF6565 (1) 100_3817 100_3819 100_3822 100_3824Down here, it doesn’t quite feel like Christmas, but it sure looks like it! Everyone here decorates with elaborate decorations! It’s fun to see so many Christmas lights and decorations! We have been using the He is the Gift campaign and it has been pretty miraculous how open people are to talking about Christ. I think we might begin teaching a guy from India just from talking about the little video. Cool huh? You should #ShareTheGift with all your friends so they can Discover and Embrace it!
SO. This week has been eventful. We had some prime people go missing in action. But do not fret! We found them yesterday and they are all safe and happy! They even have been keeping their commitments to read. So no worries here:)
A lot has been happening with Terrie. BIG NEWS. She is actually expecting TRIPLETS! She did a 3D ultra sound and there are three little babies in there! Man this woman has got to be tough. We adjusted her baptismal date for Dec 30th so her husband can get of work and support her. We are so happy for her and she is super happy as well. For a lesson this week we took a recent convert, Jasmine, and her and Terrie hit it off well. They have similar stories and backgrounds and things really clicked.
Kerri and Daniel are doing amazing! We had a little hiccup. I guess their neighbor is a bit anti and Kerri got talking with her while she was drunk. She had a scared for a bit but Kerri has such a strong testimony already and is super faithful. We read Moroni 7 with her and she recognizes that only good comes from God, everything else comes from the devil. They are solid. They are also talking marriage in order to be baptized but I think it may take some time for them. And a lot of elbow nudges.
We met this wonderful lady named Dorothy. She’s in her 80s I think and she is a senior sister missionaries friend down here. She has come to church twice now and is expressing a great desire to learn. I LOVE this woman! She is a hoot! Old Texans are the best.
So one day we went to a member’s who has a lot of cats. Sis H is a bit allergic. The member had me go inside and right when I stepped inside she just SLAMMED the door on Sis H. We freaked! (The rule for us comp’s is we have to stay in sight and sound.) I waited till the member wasn’t looking and cracked the door open so we could see each other. I saw Sis H’s face and she looked like a sad little puppy who just got a door slammed in her face! I wonder if that is what we look like when people slam their doors at us.
We had Thanksgiving with the Bradley family, whom invited a non member family to join! Yay! They asked a lot of missionary questions. Then the guy tried to give Sis H a hug and it was awkward for a long 5 seconds. Then we shrugged it off and put on some hand-sanitizer. I don’t think I will ever be able to hug a male again.
We made oreo truffels this week. Try some. Sooooooo good.
I got to go to Kaitlyn’s baptism back in Bridgeland. I am so proud of her for being baptized! She is 11 and scared of water and has been really working hard to be able to be baptized. Her parents were just reactivated and her father got to baptize her. It was very special. The first time, she didn’t go all the way under and got really scared. Avery, a member who did swim lessons with her, jumped right up and in her motherly voice helped calm her down and get her to do it one more time. She did it! We were so proud of her!
It was a great week!
Be the best missionaries you can be!
Sister Jeppson

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