November 24th 2014

This week has been super! Lot’s of great things happening and fun experiences to tell about!
We had dinner at a members house and when we showed up, there was a random guy in the hall talking with Sister Campbell. She totally invited this salesman to have dinner with us! Then we taught him about the Book of Mormon. So that was cool. I guess if you have any sales man come, just give them Book of Mormons or invite them over for dinner! It will change their lives.
We helped the Bishop’s non-member sister move in last Monday and it was so fun! I actually miss moving.. weird. It was fun to show off my Jeppson strength, just kidding, I’ve become all wimpy and weak, but it was really good to help her out and she appreciated the help. We are now going to start teaching her and she is open to reading and learning more.
We had a lice scare at Zone Conference. Our STL’s got lice and we totally hugged them! We were told to wait a week and see if we have it. So far I don’t have an itchy head so I think that we are in the clear.
One hard thing that we’ve ran into twice this week is teaching those who are gay. We aren’t really sure how to address this but I think that it must be more and more prevalent around the world today. We just love them and as we teach them we hope that they will come to understand their divine nature and through God and His purpose in creation they will come to see the truthfulness of things.
We had some super awesome lessons this week with Terrie and Linda and Lou and Kerri and many more. I am grateful that I have been able to teach with power and the spirit.
Terrie is pregnant with twins!!! She was so excited to tell us and she finds out tomorrow if they are fraternal or identical. The question that popped in my mind was can a pregnant woman get baptized!? Maybe that is a stupid thing to ask but I wondered if that was safe or possible.
We met the sweetest old couple this week. Lou and George. They are old and nice and very open to learning more, which is very unusual for the older generation I feel like. We had met George before and when we went by the second time, he had been reading the Book of Mormon! His wife welcomed us in and told us to ‘witness’ to her haha.
WE WENT TO THE TEMPLE!!! I was invited to go with Sister Maughan to do baptisms with Alex O and guess who was there!?
PHYLLIS! That woman surprised me! She came walking in the temple, recommend in hand, and I just wanted to cry with joy! She got her recommend and got to do confirmation for people! It was amazing to be there with her and with Alex. Alex brought family names and got to be baptized and confirmed for them. I was tearing up when she was baptized for her grandma. The spirit was so strong! I love those two ladies so much:)
It’s been good here. I am excited for transfers this next week!
OH and so there is this awesome thing happening. The church is doing another video, kind of like they did for easter and it will be for Christmas. It is called He is the Gift. WATCH IT. We got to watch it before it will be launched. It is good and begins Nov 28th. Share it all over facebook! The church is buying the header on Youtube (on dec 7th) for a few days and it is anticipated that 220 million people will see it and watch the video. WOW. They are also buying billboards in times square. They are advertising the true meaning of Christmas! Tell all your friends!
Sister Jeppson

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