November 4th 2014

Good things are happening! The weather is changing! The fall has arrived! The work is progressing and I am feeling alive! Ponderosa is splendid. Good efforts are producing fruit-and I’m excited for the time to pick it and eat it!!! Haha. WE have exploded with member referrals! WE are teaching the Tingeys’s neighbor Kerri and things are going well- she accepted a soft baptismal commitment and just is embracing the gospel!
She see’s the wonderful members surrounding her and wants her family to be like that- as happy, confident, unified.. ect.

Look at how far our examples go! Who we are is a big deal! It shows people see us and it’s just amazing that we can help them recognize that what they are seeing is the light of Christ.

Also- today (Sunday the 2nd of NOV.) was AMAZING! It was fast Sunday. Best days of the mission. Miracles happen.

A lady just showed up to church and the 2nd counselor in the bishopric talked to her asking where she’s from and why she’s here. He gets her name and number and hunts us down. And guess what she tells us!

She drove around looking for a church since her previous pastor just moved to
Dallas.. Her sister form Nevada is LDS so she decided to check out a Mormon church. She found ours and just showed up. We quickly took her under our wing. She LOVED fast and testimony meeting!

Then she came to Sunday School and the senior sister missionaries flocked to her and made her feel welcome. She liked Relief society which was on Mary& Martha… But the coolest thing was after church when I was sitting in the foyer with her getting to know her more- and she opened up about her family and her son. He died three months ago-he’s military- and she expressed the biggest love and desire to see him again. WE had a wonderful conversation about how she can.
She said the spirit was so strong. I don’t know why, but my heart just has a special place for her. We really connected. It made me sad to learn she wasn’t in our area- but the other sisters will take good care of her.

We also had a marvelous fireside with Elder Corbridge of the seventy. He is the one touring our mission He is so inspiring. But he is hilarious as well! I feel a lot more at east for our conference on Tuesday. I was all worried he’d rip us apart but he is not mean at all! Not like a seventy would be mean or anything…. ha I don’t know what I was thinking, but there’s nothing to worry about! I’m doing my best and that’s all i can give!

Ponderosa is booming with good things. I am grateful to be here and I know i am going to learn a lot. This is the Lord’s work and He is the best boss to have!

Be a missionary!

Sister Jeppson


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