November 10th 2014

Things are great down here in Ponderosa! It was a wonderful week full of many miracles. I don’t think I’ll have time to write about them all!
We heard from Elder Corbridge this last tuesday and his counsel and talk was amazing. He set some great standards for us to work towards now in the mission and he really inspired me and helped me so much to know how to better handle the things that have been happening here. He wants us to extend a baptismal invitation daily. So we have one every day. He also wants us to better understand our purpose and how we can teach clearly and effectively. We are now focusing on the WHY. Why are we here as missionaries? What do we need to be teaching? He says that we must share the great news of salvation by inviting all to baptism. That is the most important things we as missionaries can do. Help people understand the why of the gospel. Here are some experiences of how we got to implement that in the work this week:
5 Baptismal Invitations!!!! Kerri and Daniel are set for Jan 17th.
Terrie as well for January. (SHE IS A MIRACLE. STORY TOLD BELOW)
Domonique is set for Dec 6th
Destiny’s Grandmother has a goal for Feb.
4/7 Days of reaching our 15 invitations to learn per day. We had been struggling with our finding activities but we now are so busy with finding that we have potentials and investigators falling out our ears!
People are doing great. Kerri is amazing and we have taught her up to the Plan of Salvation. She taught it the second time to her boyfriend Danny. We also had a lesson on the Spirit world on sunday and she was so happy that she knew what was going on! She is progressing well and we are so excited for her. She went up to Sister Mortensen and said that she was going to get married so that she can get baptized. I can’t believe how sincere and ready she is!
Jasmine and Shelia are doing well. Jasmine is a missionary and is sharing the gospel with everyone she knows. She is a great example.
Raquel is also a recent convert and she is bringing her family into the church. Her mother listened in on our word of wisdom lesson with Raquel and then she came to church yesterday. She asked us when we were coming over again. Miracles! Raquel also brought her sister and friend. I can’t believe how the youth are leading their families and friends into the gospel. I was reflecting back on those I have taught and the ones that are the most ready are the youth. They are the ones who are so open and willing to accept the gospel.
We met an amazing family from Grenada in the Caribbean. We are excited to teach them.
We had exchanges on Wednesday and it was fun to be serving with our STL Sister Neidert. We had dinner with one of their investigators who is obsessed with monopoly. I have some pictures of a portion of his collection. He owns SO MUCH monopoly things.
Things are great. So much good is happening. I love being a missionary!
Sister Jeppson

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