Oct 29th 2014

This week has been a crazy one! Sister Hutchings and I just jumped into the work! This area is full of recent converts! The past couple of transfers must have been super busy and now we get to work with these wonderful people who just made the commitment to be baptized! Most of them are young women, which is fun and wonderful!
Jasmine just got baptized on Oct 12th. She is my twin! We are now working with her mother who has expressed interest in being baptized.
Destiny got baptized not too long ago and is wonderful! She has already read the BoM twice!!! She knows the stories better than me it seems!
Antionette is from Togo (sp?) in Africa. She is wonderful and has a cool accent. She got baptized recently too.
We are doing a lot of work with the members here! The Elders in our ward do a lot of the contacting and finding.
We have a lot of crazy things coming up! Elder Corbridge of the seventy is coming to tour our mission this coming sunday to tuesday. We have an intense conference with him. We are all nervous!!! Apparently the last General Authority that came tore up this mission… we’ll see how it goes!
We are going to the temple today with one of Sister Hutchings recent converts. They are getting their endowments out. I hope I don’t get a bloody nose again! *cross the fingers!
I spent my first day ever at a members house without my companion… It was weird. I was pretty sick yesterday and slept all day. I’m doing lots better today.
Things are great. Houston is wonderful. There are some exciting things that are happening!
Sister Jeppson

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