Hi Oct 20th 2014

It will be a little short this week.

Tomorrow I am being transferred. I’ll show up with my bags, they’ll pass out a piece of paper, and I’ll look to see where I’m going and who my new companion is. I’m excited but nervous! I know that the Lord has His hand in everything and take great comfort in the fact that He is sending me where I am going to be needed. Whether it’s good or bad, hard or not.
I will be able to send you my address in my email next week.
I went on exchanges this last week to a bike area. It was so much fun! I really want to be on a bike in my next area! Especially since things are cooling down and I won’t die because of the heat 🙂
Sacrament meeting was amazing yesterday. Phyllis spoke and did a marvelous job!!! Bishop had me go up and bear my testimony at the end since we knew I was going to be transferred. He had to send his helper deacon down to inform me that I was doing that. I was scared he was going to have my give a talk or something! I hear that sometimes happens without any previous notice. But luckily it was just to bear my testimony.
We went to the temple grounds with the O family. They all enjoyed it. A member bought Sister O a nice set of scriptures. She is super excited. She also got a Book of Mormon study guide and is excited to continue to learn about it.
The O’s are doing well. Elders are coming to this area and are going to be perfect for them. We are working on getting Sister O to the temple and the other boys to commit to a baptismal date.
Phyllis got her recommend for the temple and for a patriarchal blessing!!!! I hope that I will be invited to join her when she goes for the first time 🙂
Joshua is preparing to go on a mission! And he is in the process of getting his patriarchal blessing as well!
I am going to miss everyone so much.
I don’t want to leave all of these people! 😦 Now to go pack and try and stuff everything back into three suitcases… Wish me luck! haha

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