Howdy! Oct 6th 2014

People here are starting to decorate for halloween and some people go all out! It doesn’t even seem like fall though. It’s still warm/hot and everything is still green as can be! There are no fall colors, sad day.
I really enjoyed listening to our prophets and apostles. They are very inspired and I know they put a lot into these talks. I can’t wait to get the ensign and be able to read their words again and again. It is really cool how much deeper of a meaning these talks have had to me. Listening to them with the perspective I now have of the gospel really opened my eyes pertaining to some of the principles that they spoke of. I thought of a lot of things in terms of the lessons we share and the things that we teach with non members and I am surprised how much of the restoration lesson,  or plan of salvation that I heard embedded into their words of warning and encouragement. I loved having that added insight and deeper meaning as I listened.
We watched the first session with our investigator Jennifer. I think I got the most out of this first session. Jennifer was super excited and made us breakfast, and her and her son joined us in watching. She just soaked everything up. She would comment as people said things and she would nod her head or confirm what she heard through “mmmhmmm’s”. She was pleased with what everyone had to say and said that she has not had any concerns or doubts with anything that we have taught her or with what people have said. She is very pleased with this gospel and really feels that God is pushing her towards our church for a reason. (She is the one whom the door to door salesman knocked into and shared the plan of salvation with her). She has seen the blessings already and just as you saw in the letter and pictures I sent last week, she is ready and excited for baptism. We have set her date for November 8th and are super excited for her! We watched the second session with a part member family and had a blast with the kids. I didn’t get as much out of it as we did in the first but it was fun to spend time with them and get to know them more.
Sunday morning we went with the O family to the Schade’s for breakfast and watched the first session there. It was great and the boys listened and hopefully paid attention. Then we followed the O’s over to the Brown’s home and watched the second session there. I sure hope they paid attention to Bednar’s talk, because it was meant for them!
This week has been amazing but hectic. We had three exchanges in a row. Tues, Wed, and Thurs. I feel like Sister Maughan isn’t my companion anymore! We had a lot of meetings and then specialized training and interviews with President Mortensen…… I may not be staying in Bridgeland for this next transfer. President is making a lot of changes to the mission, great things that I know will really help the work, but that means that I will probably be transferred out. This worries Sister Maughan a little since she really hasn’t had the time to get to know Bridgeland since she goes on many exchanges with the other sisters. But her and I have been working on organizing records for the Elder’s when the come in and preparing to hand some investigators off to them, so she is becoming more familiar with things. If I go, it will be right when the Elder’s come in, so she will have to train her new companion and the Elders, teaching them about the area. A lot of great things are happening and the Lord is keeping us busy and on our toes.
So we are really excited:) Alex, the mom, and the youngest boy, Jorge are the ones being baptized. The other boys would like more time. Plus I think they are a little nervous and we know that as they watch their mom and brother get baptized, it will help solidify and clarify what it is they are doing and why.
We are planning everything out and getting everything put together. We’re scrambling just a little…hehe.
They had their interviews last week, and passed! The ward has been a wonderful support. 
Other people:
Jennifer, amazing as described above.
The Porte family, growing in numbers. We are now teaching them along with some family that just got here from Liberia. We are excited with their progress and hope that they will be able to switch somethings up with their work schedules and make it to church.
The Newcombs are amazing and we are preparing the daughter for baptism. She is really growing in her knowledge of the gospel and her testimony. I have loved working with them.
Phyllis is amazing. We had a miracle lesson with her last night and she gave us a gift! We got real oil lamps and jars just like the 10 virgins! We are of the 5 wise:) We are going to be going with her to the temple grounds this Saturday right after the O’s baptism. She is amazing and I am really impressed with her faith and dedication to the Lord. I love Phyllis so much.
Joshua is doing awesome. He has even been sharing the gospel with some of his friends!!! This kid is going to be a wonderful missionary.
The Vasquez family is doing awesome. We had some wonderful and powerful lessons with them and are excited because they have been coming to church!
SO. I’m not sure what I have told you yet of Christy and Jose, but they are our miracle!
We were tracting in the summer heat of July when we knocked upon the door of Christy and Jose. They were having the worst day ever and asked for our prayers. We walked through their doorway and Sister Heaps left them with a prayer of comfort, peace, and strength. We waved goodbye. We saw them a couple times as we visited their semi-interested neighbor but soon just lost contact with them. Then a couple weeks ago we were on exchanges and contacting in Kroger. We needed just a couple more of the 25 contacts and I suggested we go down this aisle. There stood a couple and I did our normal introduction, “Hi! We’re missionaries…” Then they stopped me and were like, “Hey! We haven’t seen you in forever!” Then it clicked and we talked about how it was not a coincidence that we ran into each other! We chatted and they welcomed us over for a visit. Since that day, we have tried back day after day. No luck. The house was always dark and the driveway empty. One day, we just left a card on the door.
Friday night, we went by again to see if we could catch them at home. We pulled up in front of their house and the windows were dark, the driveway empty. We were disappointed and opened our planners to find someone else to go visit at such a late hour of the night. Just as I was about to suggest someone, they pulled up. We said a quick prayer in our hearts and got out to say hi. We started talking and Christy just exclaimed that there was no coincidence in each of our interactions, the prayer, the store, the card, this visit. We were welcomed inside and continued to get to know them. They are getting married the 1st of Nov and have been crazy busy. They are going through a lot and really need God more in their lives. We shared the restoration with them and they just soaked it up. It was an amazing lesson. They feel the peace already. They have seen the blessings. We are excited to continue teaching them about this gospel and how it can bless them in their lives.
I love being a missionary. There are so many miracles that happen ALL THE TIME. I am grateful for the experiences I have had, the things I am going through, and the bad that makes the good sweeter. I am grateful for your prayers and everything that you do.
This gospel is real and true. It brings blessings into the lives of many and I can’t believe I get to play a part in that! You can too!
Sister Jeppson

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