Hi! Oct 13th 2014

Conference was AMAZING. I am also so grateful that we have a prophet today to lead and guide us. It really is incredible to know that they are men called of God. I hope you will cherish their words and re-read/listen to them often.

The baptism was amazing! The Spirit was so strong. There were a few hiccups at the beginning of the baptism in getting it set up and prepared, but nothing that a Jeppson, MTC card, and young boy can’t fix! (We broke into the font because the elder’s that had the keys weren’t there and were late and it takes an hour to fill it up and I had been taught how to get into the doors with a card and so I did and then we sent a young man who was playing basketball in the gym over the glass to go and open the other doors that were dead bolted and then we were happy and filled the font with freezing cold water since the heat part of it was broken.) So I’d say it was a success!
Sister Heaps came back for the baptism and it was a great turn out. The ward was a great support and we are super excited for them. They were confirmed yesterday in church and the funniest thing happened. So Jorge, the youngest, was terrified. He isn’t a fan of going up in front of crowds. Bishop invited him up first to be confirmed. He squirmed in his seat a little and then sighed a deep sigh and sort of sulked up to the front of the chapel. They set things up and Brother Brown confirmed him and gave a wonderful blessing. Jorge ran back to the back, fell into his chair and let out an exasperated, “Oh my goodness…” and continued to mumble something. He was quite nervous and looked a little pale. The poor kid afterward explained that he really liked it and felt good. He was just extremely nervous. He is now beaming with joy and the Spirit in their home has changed significantly.
I went on exchanges to another area this last week. We went and did service in a nursing home and played bingo with many of the older ladies. It was HILLARIOUS. The ladies fight with each other (verbally) and they are like all best friends. One lady only spoke spanish, another, chinese. They would yell at each other in their languages and nothing would go well. We had to help calm them down a couple times. Then they would try speaking to us, but I had no idea what they were saying!!!
We met a “soon to be” famous rapper the other day. He was handing out CD’s at a gas station and exclaimed that he is going to be famous. Sister Maughan took a picture with him in case he does get famous. When he noticed our badges he quickly grabbed the CD from out of our hands and exclaimed, “Oh this ain’t no Christian music sisters” It was hillarious!
Many good things are happening with the people.
Jennifer is progressing well. Phyllis got asked to speak in church next week. We are excited for her. The Portes are amazing. Some of their family got here from Liberia so we are teaching them as well! (They showed up to church sunday and stayed for sacrament meeting. That was a huge miracle! They have only come once before and a really long time ago. Brother Porte was nodding his head at the wonderful talks we had and it was so great. They were grinning from ear to ear.) The O’s are just fabulous. We are going to go watch the Joseph Smith movie with them today. Joshua got his interview for his patriarchal blessing.
People are just progressing very well!
So I am going to be transferred in a week. The beans got spilt. So I will have a new address and everything. Please don’t send letters this next week else I may not get them! But after that, please send letters 🙂
Great things are happening. The Lord is hastening his work.
I feel so ready to be moving on to a new area!!!
Sister Jeppson

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