Howdy!! Sept 29th 2014

IMG_2466 IMG_2464 IMG_2455

where the sidewalk ends

where the sidewalk ends

We played with rats and bunnies and dogs at one of the members home here. We were before we started a lesson with Katie. She is the one in the pic holding a bunny. She’s a cutie.

Are you guys just so excited for conference!!! 😀 I am super excited because that is a lazy day for us! And guess what!? We are watching the first session on sat with Jennifer. The second half with a LA family. Sunday morning with the O’s and a member family. And the evening session with the O’s and the Browns. It’s going to be a party!!!! Chilling with our investigators and watching conference.
And NO. The elders aren’t coming until the end of Oct. Sad news. President was going to try and pull some strings to get them here early but that couldn’t happen. But that’s okay! At least help is on it’s way! We probably won’t have to move out and live with members. We get to keep our apartment. We are kind of relieved.
People are doing fabulous.
Joshua said that he wants to serve a mission. YAY! We are excited for him and he will have a year or so to prepare.
The O’s are amazing. We showed them mormon channel the other day and George, the youngest, is probably watching them as we speak. They really liked them. They are getting baptized in two weeks! AH! I can’t believe it’s happening! Sister Heaps is going to come visit us that day and be there to support them. We are working with the ward for a huge surprise for them too. It’s going to be awesome!
Jennifer- She is a miracle. Her story is amazing and I took pictures of my journal entry to explain better how our lesson was with her this last week. It was THE BEST lesson I have ever been in. The spirit was so strong and I can’t believe how prepared she is.
Brandi- We had a miracle lesson with her as well. We have struggled to find a good fellowshipper for her and people in the ward weren’t really reaching out like they should have. We randomly took Sister Ashby with us because she just came to mind one day. And it was the most perfect match ever. We were late for the appointment since we just left a previous appointment and just texted Sister Ashby and told her to go in and talk with Brandi and get to know her. We got there and they teased about not letting us in because they were getting along so well! We taught tithing and Brandi just soaked up the lesson and committed to live the law of tithing and fast offerings. She also came to the Stake Fireside and told President Mortensen that she wanted to get baptized. President asked if she had a set date and she said no, not yet but that she would fix that. We are waiting for their wedding before she can get baptized.
Katie, we taught her with a member and she is choosing her own path. We are here to support and love her. It was a great lesson and the spirit was so strong.
We are working with many less active members and have done a couple family home evenings and many random visits to people. I love their excitement when we come to visit.
Miracle of the week:
#1- Jennifers lesson, see pics
#2 Kristi and Jose- we had tracted into them a few months ago and they just asked us to pray over their home and for them since they were going through a lot, but then left things at that. We stopped by once again a month or so ago and gave them a Book of Mormon but they weren’t super interested. THEN. Last week, while on exchanges, we were contacting in Kroger and we wanted to get our 25 contacts for the day. It was late and we were supposed to be heading home but I said we should just try one more person. I picked a random isle and there was a couple looking at chips. I walked up and said hi. The lady looked really familiar (everyone here looks familiar because I’m sure I’ve stood on their doorstep and talked to them at some point.) and so I did the normal introduction. We’re missionaries….. etc. She stopped me and then it clicked. I remember going over and praying with her. We talked about things and she told us that she has slept with the Book of Mormon under her pillow ever since we came by. I asked her if she read any of it and she said she would. We are excited to go back and visit her. (I’m working on remembering to get phone numbers… else we will have to chase people down and that is hard. It wastes a lot of time. Sometimes I just want to camp in front of people homes and wait until they get home so we can catch them.)
Dunken Donuts on the corner gives us extra donuts sometimes. We’re pretty much regulars. I’m sure you’ll start noticing a difference in pics….
We played volleyball today. That was very nice.
Sister Jeppson

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